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I really love a style of dress that absolutely won't suit me.

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Pinkkahori · 03/01/2019 23:26

I'm short and overweight and have big boobs. Short, neat dresses with v-necks or lowish round necks and 3/4 sleeves are the most flattering on me.
I know highish necked, long sleeved, voluminous midi dresses are the antithesis of this and will make me look twice the size.
But I still hanker after something like this .
There's not point in even ordering it, is there? It's never going to work.

OP posts:
PurpleWithRed · 03/01/2019 23:33

For £35 it’s worth a try, but I know a high neck like that just makes my tits look like they are grafted under my ribs

tethersend · 03/01/2019 23:36

Life is pretty dull if we only wear what makes us look slightly thinner.

Wear the dress if you like it Smile

incendio · 03/01/2019 23:37

Go try it on, you might be surprised!

Pinkkahori · 03/01/2019 23:48

It's not so much about looking thinner. I have no delusions about that it's just I don't want to look 2 sizes bigger which I suspect I will in that style.
I think I'll order it.

OP posts:
MoltonSilver · 04/01/2019 00:04

Give it a try. Leave the neck open, push the sleeves up and maybe have the hem taken up a little.

notsurewhatshappening · 04/01/2019 01:10

I'm a similar shape to you OP. I ordered an almost identical dress to your one and it looked terrible on me... I need to return it but it will be hard!

Notanotheruser111 · 04/01/2019 04:29

Meh I’m fat with huge boobs and have started wearing higher necklines lately. Some of them work, you need the right bra try it and see

foxtiger · 04/01/2019 14:55

It's not as high a neck as I was expecting from your OP. I don't suit really high necks and I think I could get away with wearing that one. The opening at the front helps to draw the eye down, I think, and you might feel more shapely if you add a contrasting belt and pull the waist in a bit more, but it's not a definite no from me.

MikeUniformMike · 04/01/2019 14:57

I think it would look fabulous on someone curvy.
Order it - you can always return it if it's not right.

CAAKE · 04/01/2019 15:01

Ive tried on this shape of dress before, and I have a feeling this one might hang from the boobs and end up looking a bit like....

I really love a style of dress that absolutely won't suit me.
Pinkkahori · 04/01/2019 15:52

Thanks all. Unfortunately it's now sold out.

Probably for the best. I'm picturing floaty slightly Boho but the reality would probably be closer to Homer Simpson in his Muu-Muu Smile

OP posts:
Angelicwings · 04/01/2019 16:41

I think you need a petite midi with more of a defined waist otherwise you'll possibly look swamped, being petite.

Angelicwings · 04/01/2019 16:43

What about the Suki Spot print midi dress from Monsoon? With tan accessories (maybe a tan belt and bag) and a boho necklace it would look fairly boho.

CakeForBreakfast · 04/01/2019 19:11


Do you not spare a thought for the weak willed lurkers on this thread?? Eh? Eh?

I’ve just parted with almost £400 on Monsoon online sale, including the suki spot midi dress. I hope I don’t like most of what arrives so I can return them. not

OP I so very feel your pain on not have the ‘right’ figure for a certain style; I’m a total sucker for wrap dresses, but am not well endowed up top and it’s very very sad. I’ve eaten a fuck ton of mince pies over Christmas and they’ve gone to muffin land not boob land.

I’m ranting, I’ll stop (and wait by the front door until my massive parcel arrives)

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