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Please help me find a moisturiser/eye cream

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dragonfly7 · 01/01/2019 14:55

I'm turning to the wisdom of MN as there's so many to choose from and I am absolutely clueless. I am determined to look after myself better in 2019.

I'm in my early 30's, my skin is mostly normal but can get a bit dry/sensitive and I get spots around my chin. I am also starting to get a few creases in particular around my eyes.
I'm looking for something preferably with more natural ingredients in it but anything that works is welcome. I'd like something that doesn't clog my pores, is moisturising without being greasy and that keeps me looking less aged.
Budget wise up to around £30 max but the cheaper the better.

I've tried Liz Earle, Olay, simple skincare and Avon but my skin hasn't got on with those. I've tried soap and glory and dermologica with ok results but want to see what else is out there.

Any recommendations?

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Hefzi · 01/01/2019 15:01

Pai is really good as moisturiser though I've only used samples: it's a bit above your upper limit though.

Otherwise - Neutrogena: the blue gel cream one. It's hydrating without making spots worse.

Or take a look at the Ordinary - masses to choose from. I have combination skin and mostly don't need a moisturiser on my cheeks with their serums.

Otherwise Caudalie - there's a sorbet in a pink tube that's a good moisturiser.

If you are near Holland and Barrett, their range that comes in various different "flavours" across products is good: I especially like the pomegranate moisturiser.

Urban Veda is also really good - moisturiser is around £19.95 full price.

Eyes - I use the Ordinary caffeine serum in the day (£5.95)

Hefzi · 01/01/2019 15:02

Sorry - just to clarify: those are all things that leave my skin hydrated without being shiny, and don't give me spots!

Hefzi · 01/01/2019 16:12

H and B range = Dr Organics HmmGrin

dragonfly7 · 01/01/2019 22:19

Thanks Hefzi I will look those up.

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dontgetowtfernowt · 01/01/2019 22:47

Holland & Barrett here too.... pomegranate under eye cream and snail moisturiser (I prefer the cream to the gel, the tubs are VERY similar)

LordEmsworth · 02/01/2019 09:18

Spots on your chin are probably hormonal, unfortunately no moisturiser is going to help (I am the same, only get spots there).

I really like Origins Gin Zing, it's lovely and lightweight and absorbs easily; that's my summer go-to. In winter I go a bit heavier, the Clarins blue one although I think that's more like £35 so a bit over budget, but again it absorbs nicely and feels very fresh to apply.

dragonfly7 · 03/01/2019 21:26

Thank you, I will take a look. Luckily I have a Holland and Barrett where I like so I will pop down at the weekend and have a look for the pomegranate one. Will prob end up ordering a few to try. I had a beauty advent at Christmas but nothing really blew me away in it.

OP posts:
namechangedforanon · 04/01/2019 00:19

Forget “natural” skincare . Full of nonsense and quite often ironically skin irritating ingredients .

In reality for good skin one needs two things , retinol and sunscreen .

I’d highly recommend The Ordinary and LRP ( la roche posay )

I just mentioned on another thread a regime that works well for my novice skincare pals / mother .

LRP cleanser - Toleriane range is great
Superdrug hydration serum £2.99
LRP moisturizer

LRP cleanser
Superdrug hydration serum
The ordinary 2% granactive retinoid ( start twice a week and build up to every night )
Moisturizer ( Cerave or lrp)

For spots - use LRP effeclar duo on them

This is the superdrug wonder serum -

There is no need to spend huge amounts of money . My derm also says eye creams are pointless .

I’d recommend watching on YouTube

  • Dr Dray
  • Dr Sam Bunting

Dr Sam also has a facebook group called “dr Sams skincare club” which is fantastic .
dragonfly7 · 07/01/2019 20:21

Thank you that's really helpful.

I will take a look, I've heard good reviews of la roche posay but have never tried it.

Will give the videos a watch now.

OP posts:
namechangedforanon · 07/01/2019 20:55

No worries ! Drop me a message if you need a hand x

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