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Longish cotton nighties.

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OneOfTheGrundys · 31/12/2018 16:33

On the hunt for ones that are not frilly, lacey or see through.
Have to be 100% cotton and I’m really struggling.
I don’t care if I look like an old lady, I just don’t want anything over the knee.

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MeetOnTheSIedge · 31/12/2018 16:42

M&S have some that are long sleeved and mid calf length, 50% cotton / 50% modal, but that is a natural fibre too.

TellerTuesday4EVA · 31/12/2018 16:56

Came on to suggest M&S but see PP has beat me to it

Ivegotthree · 31/12/2018 17:33

These are vg quality. I got my DM one for Christmas and it's really nice.

hugoagogo · 31/12/2018 18:00
OneOfTheGrundys · 01/01/2019 17:43

Ah ha thank you all!
It’ll just be nice to bend over and not feel... vulnerable.

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