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Bright red shoes/boots - still in fashion for 2019?

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mrsrhodgilbert · 29/12/2018 13:12

I love red and there are quite a lot of ankle boots in the sales, I’m thinking about buying a pair but they’ve been around for a while now and I wonder if they’ll look very dated next year. Any thoughts. I’m also wondering about loafers for next summer, I’ve resisted up to now but I’m looking at some in the sales, but will there be a new style for new year?

OP posts:
Sitranced · 29/12/2018 13:20

Can't say I've noticed a red shoe trend but if it's good enough for Dorothy then it's good enough for anyone else. Buy them!

madcatladyforever · 29/12/2018 13:21

I don't care if they are out of fashion, I LOVE them.

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