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In need of Hairdryer recommendations for thick hair

24 replies

CantstandmLMs · 27/12/2018 16:25

I've got quite thick hair and drying my hair takes an age but I've never really spent a lot on a hairdryer before. Mines on the blink though.

I'm willing to invest in a hairdryer if it's gonna save me time!! I have a John Lewis voucher so preferably it'd be something they stock but willing to hear all suggestions!!

OP posts:
HisBetterHalf · 27/12/2018 19:03


AnaViaSalamanca · 27/12/2018 19:24

you need to look at the wattage. I have a remington one which is great, but bought it from amazon

N0tfinished · 27/12/2018 19:25

Go to a Sally's or professional hairdresser supply shop. Much better for wattage & durability

Potplant2 · 27/12/2018 19:31

I love my Diva ultima. Dries my thick hair in half the time a cheap one used to take

DeRigueurMortis · 27/12/2018 19:45

I had a Parlux and now have a dyson.

Yes it's incredibly expensive.....but I wouldn't be without it.

If you've got short/thin hair it's not worth the money but if you've got long thick hair like mine then it's brilliant.

It dries my hair in less than half the time my Parlux did (which I'd though was brilliant and the best hairdryer I'd ever had before the dyson).

It's also so light and combined with the speed and temperature control means my hair is in better condition (as it doesn't get over heated), dries faster and my arm doesn't ache like buggery after wielding my Parlux for 20 mins (takes me 8 mins now).

Honestly I'd cry if it broke and would simply get another without flinching at the price, to me it's that's good - but as I said the benefits lessen the less hair you have.

CantstandmLMs · 27/12/2018 19:58

Ooooh am tempted by the Dyson. The price makes me feel a bit sick but maybe Next do it on their 3 month plan?

I was looking at the GHD one. Anyone have experience with that?

OP posts:
userofthiswebsite · 27/12/2018 20:30

I have the most powerful Parlux one (2200 watts) and it's definitely good. Unless I'm wrong, its wattage and air speed are more than the Dyson and it costs about 1/3 of the price. I'm sure you'd do well with either of the Air or the Cloud 9 version.

Chesneyhawkes1 · 27/12/2018 20:34

I've just given my MIL my GHD air and for some new lightweight Parlux. I love it.

However I now want a Dyson airwrap thingy

AmeliaMae · 27/12/2018 20:46

I have given up on a hairdryer. I wash my hair every day and it felt like hard work drying it. I am using one of those brush air dryers and it is so much quicker and lighter.

AmeliaMae · 27/12/2018 20:49

I have a GHD one but don't use it. Didn't notice much difference between it and my usual cheaper ones.

Scarydinosaurs · 27/12/2018 20:51

I have thick long hair. I started having Brazilian blo dries and now I don’t need to have my hair blow dried anymore; I just brush it and let it dry naturally. It dries really quickly, and if I were to use heat it would dry super quick.

Might be a good alternative?

DeRigueurMortis · 28/12/2018 01:32

That sounds interesting Scary can I ask what's involved?

I have long (bra strap length), very thick hair that has a natural wave.

Sounds great Hmm

Ummm not so when that wave "kicks" all over the place and leaves me with a triangle "mane" that unchecked leaves me looking like an extra from the lion king cast Grin

I have to "lion tame" it (forgive the pun) or it's a frothy mess.

I use my dyson to dry and then either a Babyliss big hair or a Daphni straightening brush to style.

The dyson has been brilliant in cutting down the time to dry my hair to a styling state but it still takes a while to finish.

Oh and before anyone asks - why not cut my hair...a) I like it longer in general and it looks lovely when I style it properly b) it's harder to style when short, I've been there and done that. It's so thick that I need the weight of the length to make it remotely manageable.

BollockingBaubles · 28/12/2018 01:45

@CantstandmLMs QVC also do four payments I think. Also if you check Boots advantage points it might be worth buying it there if points value good.

Scarydinosaurs · 28/12/2018 08:03

derig it takes about two hours (my hair sounds v similar to your hair) and costs around 125-140.

First of all they wash it, then cut it, then plaster it with a thick kind of conditioner. This gets painted on a bit how hair dye is applied. I think then they wrap it up and leave you for it to sink in. Then it is straightened. I’m due to go again in a few days. I have them every six months, and as long as you use SLS free shampoo and conditioner it lasts really well. This time I was caught out a few times and had to use normal shampoo (on holiday etc) and I don’t think it lasted as well.

It stops it frizzing up, and stops me having to blow dry it. At school I was always teased for my huge puffy hair (pre GHDs) and then I straightened the hell out of it and got loads of split ends, and now I really enjoy having low maintenance hair I can literally just wash and go. So much easier.

I agree RE long hair. When I’ve had it shorter, it is more work.

DeRigueurMortis · 28/12/2018 12:59

Thanks Scary - im going to look into that!

Lelivre · 28/12/2018 14:07

Following. My Parlux can’t last much longer.

The straightening treatment sounds great but my hair is dry from colouring and straightening so I don’t know if I can consider it.

Scarydinosaurs · 28/12/2018 14:59

lelivre my sister dyes and does the Brazilian blowdry and her hair was wrecked the first time she tried it. Now it is so much better because it was the heat damage that was causing it to split/thin.

If you dye, the Brazilian blow dry will make the dye lighten, so you have to time them three weeks apart (I think- I’m not 100% sure as I don’t dye my hair).

TheRhythmlessCarolMan · 28/12/2018 15:19

Really interesting to hear about the Brazilian Blow Dry- never even heard of it!

Chesneyhawkes1 · 28/12/2018 15:43

I do the choco whatever one myself. Get the kit off amazon for £30. Takes me hours to do but makes a big difference

winsinbin · 28/12/2018 16:26

Student DD wanted a Dyson but couldn’t afford it. For Christmas and birthday she asked for Boots gift cards and then added in the points she had saved on her advantage card. That plus some extra shifts at her weekend job and she managed it within three months. It is great for drying thick hair, very quick and it leaves it smooth but It’s not good for adding shape or volume. I find the Airwrap much better for that.

CantstandmLMs · 28/12/2018 17:33

@BollockingBaubles thank you for advice re: QVC that's a good shout!

OP posts:
Lelivre · 30/12/2018 22:48

Scarydinosaurs thanks very much I will take another look.


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1Redacted1 · 30/12/2018 22:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1Redacted1 · 30/12/2018 22:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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