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Nude lipstick for pale skin?

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SilverBirchTree · 22/12/2018 12:06

I am very fair skinned and if I don't wear lipstick I get 'voldemort' face, basically I am just a pair of eyes on a blank head.

I usually wear a red or fushia shade, but it means I can't do much eye make up because the lip is quite loud. I would love to try a nude lip but want to avoid the above mentioned deathly hallows vibe.

Can anyone recommend a nude or more subtle lipstick that might work?

In case it is relevant I have cool undertones, blue eyes and dark hair.

OP posts:
ilovewinterpansies · 22/12/2018 12:36

Pillow talk by Charlotte tilbury is my fave. Adds colour but doesn't look too "done" and certainly doesn't make a statement. My perfect everyday lip colour (I use the lip liner and the lipstick).

messyhousetidymind · 22/12/2018 14:02

Try matching nude to the colour of the inside of your lip when you pull it down

messyhousetidymind · 22/12/2018 14:04

Also if you're pale some kind of light blusher/bronzer and also take it in a c shape around your eye up to your temple

Paradyning · 22/12/2018 14:05
Bombardier25966 · 22/12/2018 14:08

Pillow Talk makes me look like death!

SimplyPut · 22/12/2018 14:14

YSL nude lavalliere is the perfect shade for my so pale I'm almost blue skin.

ladyratterley · 22/12/2018 14:23

You’re similar colouring to me except I have green/hazel eyes.
It’s highly likely pillow talk will look horrendous on you, so definitely don’t blind buy that! I went into Charlotte Tilbury recently & was unimpressed by their selection of nude lipstick for pale people.
Do you have a Mac shop near you? I find they are really good at recommending the right colours for me.
After a crappy experience in CT I went to Mac & was recommended Viva Glam 2 & it’s exactly what I wanted. On me it’s nude but a slightly pinky nude. I wouldn’t have tried it just looking at the colours in the tube but the lovely assistant in there said I should try it. She was pale & blonde with blue eyes & it also looked lovely on her.
Anyway, if there’s a Mac near you, maybe pop in & see what they think.

GrimDamnFanjo · 22/12/2018 14:34

I'm really pale with a pink undertone and I normally wear a bright lip but I've found Macs Plumful a good shade on me.

Ollivander84 · 22/12/2018 14:44

I am porcelain with red hair and green eyes and mine is Stila Baci - however a lot of people say it makes them look awful 🤷🏽‍♀️
It's definitely trial and error

sharke · 22/12/2018 14:45

MAC Hue.

Housewife2010 · 22/12/2018 14:46

Try Laura Mercier Baby Lips for a very wearable pinky nude. Bare Lips is slightly deeper and less pink. I wouldn't be without both.

skiptrip · 22/12/2018 14:51

I’m very pale with dark hair and struggle with nudes. Only one I’ve found that works for me so far is Mac Shy Girl.

Cheesymonster · 22/12/2018 14:54

I'm pale with dark blonde hair and green eyes and I wear Chanel Boy.

RubaiyatOfAnyone · 22/12/2018 15:33

I’m pale with reddish hair and “viva glam” from MAC works well for me (basically the opposite of its silly name).

chezbot · 22/12/2018 15:40

I'd suggest trying Urban Decay's Rapture. On my death white skin it's a my lips but better

namastayinbed · 22/12/2018 15:50

Mac faux

ChishandFips33 · 22/12/2018 16:49

Proudly Naked lip crayon by bourjois is like my lips but better

SilverBirchTree · 22/12/2018 23:22

Thanks for these!

OP posts:
heyholetsgogogo · 23/12/2018 09:40

Also Mac fanfare might fit the bill

BusterGonad · 27/12/2018 05:02

Mac Hot Gossip is nice, it's got micro shimmer too which is actually very pretty. I'm pale, dark hair, hazel eyes. I wear it when I want to do my eyes up a bit more.

BusterGonad · 27/12/2018 05:03

Sorry, picture!

Nude lipstick for pale skin?
Elledorado · 27/12/2018 11:46

Clinique bare pop


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Gotstuckwiththisname · 27/12/2018 12:48

I'm very pale and cool toned. I found a lovely bourjois one called Beige nude or something, but it was quite a few years ago and can't find a link.

I also suit Soap & Glory lipstick in "Keep it Flesh".

Mathbat · 27/12/2018 12:55

I’m cool toned with dark hair and MAC Viva Glam V works for me - it’s the same colour as my lips but a bit stronger.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge · 27/12/2018 14:40

My nude (pale skin, copper hair, green eyes) is No7 Tawny Rose. However, I wear a pinky/plummy colour - No7 Soft Earth ( yeah, I think the colour names should be swapped too!!) pretty much everyday. It pops a bit but due to the paleness ( and possible the contrast in my hair) I can wear it with shadows and look barely done :)

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