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What would be in your capsule wardrobe?

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Shitonthebloodything · 20/12/2018 23:52

I'm fed up of the clutter and buying crap cheap clothes from Primark etc and still never having anything to wear. I'd like to put together a capsule wardrobe of decent stuff. What would you suggest or what would be in yours?
Any suggestions on where to start?

I don't have to dress sensibly for work but have a baby and I live in jeans and flats. I'm under 5ft and 16-18.

OP posts:
RemindMeToMoveTheElf · 21/12/2018 00:00

Jeans and flats are fine, so investigate in jeans that make you look good and shoes that stand out. It’s very easy to just put on the comfy scruffy ones! With a baby, I always found accessories a real nuisance and if the baby is very young and you are still getting covered in milky sick, you don’t want to be wearing hand wash cashmere.

For a step up from Primark, I’d look at the Next website for styles, also River Island and H&M. For a further step up, Cos.

What looks do you like? Preppy, rock chick, Audrey Hepburn? What’s your hair like? What colours look good on you?

Shitonthebloodything · 21/12/2018 00:08

I'm quite pale with blonde (coloured from mousey) curly hair, I think black washes me out a bit but navy always looks ok. I don't really have much of a style to be honest. Just jeans with jumpers and shirts. I used to love skater dresses and boots but not sure if I'm too old for that now. I have massive legs and bum so never wear skirts.

OP posts:
GemmeFatale · 21/12/2018 00:14

Two pairs of amazing jeans. Now I’ve found ‘my’ brand I buy them on sale and pay to have them shortened (for some reason the brand I like assumes all women are incredibly tall). Assume it will take a full day of shopping to find these jeans, and you will try on every option in the nearest city to do so. Spend money here. You live in jeans so make them jeans you look and feel amazing in.

Then I’d do footwear (boots) and coat. It’s winter, half the time people will only see shoes, jeans, coat.

BubblesBuddy · 21/12/2018 01:17

Wrap have some good pullover bargains in their sale. Long sleeve Breton T shirts from Saltwater. I like Toast sale too and Arket. They do good oversize shirts that float over jeans.

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