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London Hairdresser recommendations please

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Deathraystare · 19/12/2018 15:37

I thought I had posted this already but cannot find it in search.
Anyway went to my normal place and they did not listen I am left with a very boring style. I wanted layers - kind of punky with a bit of a fringe parting on the right. I got no layers and centre parting. It actually makes me look 'care in the community' iyswIm!

Has anyone - preferably with short layered hair got any recs? For either a London place or one that has branches country wide? Thanks!

OP posts:
HundredMilesAnHour · 19/12/2018 16:11

I recommend Brooks & Brooks in London. 1 min's walk from Holborn tube. I've been seeing Jamie Brooks for 25+ years (from before he and his then wife set up Brooks & Brooks). They've won London Hairdresser of the Year 3 times but everyone is very friendly and very normal. They do a lot of fashion shoots so they can do everything from super-hip to classic.

Deathraystare · 19/12/2018 17:16

Ooh I got a reply!! Thanks very much. After Christmas I will see what they can do for me!!!!

OP posts:
LambChopsMcGee · 19/12/2018 18:12

Where in London?
Blue Tit have a few salons around and are cool but not too cool.

ifeellikeanidiot · 19/12/2018 22:07

I love brooks and brooks too. Went there for years. Consistently excellent across the board, didnt matter who cuts your hair, it's ace.

Dafspunk · 20/12/2018 06:22

Nick Bland and his team at Haringtons Soho are absolutely brilliant. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Porcelaincup · 20/12/2018 06:37

Jamie Stevens. Absolutely amazing hairdresser. Always cut so well that I can pretty much dry it upside down and my hair falls perfectly into place. I have short hair too. Also Tasha is fantastic at colouring.

I spent years having really mediocre haircuts, some very expensive, none lasted very long.

Since finding them I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The cuts also somehow last ages.

Deathraystare · 20/12/2018 07:26

Thanks so much for your replies. I will report back after Christmas!!!

Porcelain and everyone else - a colour question of 'your' salon - I like rather obvious red hair - more scarlet than ginger. Do you think 'your' salon would do this?

OP posts:
Liverbird77 · 20/12/2018 07:29

I can recommend Jade at Artistic Monkey in Kilburn. It's a one minute walk from the tube.
She does great cuts and colours (I get mine done red and have always been really happy). It's also a lovely environment, with wine etc.
Sadly, I've moved up North now, but I really miss going there.

Porcelaincup · 20/12/2018 07:40

Oh they will definitely be fine with any colour. Not sure if they did it this year, but they usually do the all hair on X factor, plus lots of other TV.

Lots and lots of awards. I think Jamie is celebrity hairdresser of the year.


Deathraystare · 20/12/2018 07:48

Wow - Porcelain- some amazing styles and colour there. I guess it is a pricey place but I see there is a branch in Kensington so I guess I can try there.

OP posts:
Deathraystare · 20/12/2018 07:54

Actually just found the details online - thanks Porcelain and the prices though much more than I normally would ever pay are not that bad in comparison with others.

OP posts:
Porcelaincup · 20/12/2018 08:06

Having my hair cut there is my one major extravagance. I have it cut maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Top up the colour in between when I can.

I’m not a famous rich celebrity - I’m very ordinary and boring! I treated myself once there years ago. Curiosity fuelled by endless crap haircuts and looking really old and tired. I just wanted to see what a top hairdresser was like. Couldn’t believe it afterwards and have been going ever since.

Having my hair cut there makes more difference to how I look than anything else. It takes years off me, and makes me feel good.

Porcelaincup · 20/12/2018 08:12

I know the prices seem eyewatering. They often have special offers though which make it more reasonable.

For me it sort of evens out over the year to the same as I was paying before. I was paying £100+ every two months for a cut that looked awful and didn’t seem to last more than a couple of weeks before looking rubbish again.

witchmountain · 20/12/2018 08:20

Another recommendation for Brooks and Brooks and agree it doesn't matter who cuts your hair, they are all great!

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