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In 2019 I want to make more of an effort. Please help!

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NewYoiker · 17/12/2018 08:42

I have no problems spending money on the right kind of things.

So what are your must have makeup products?

What's best for a total novice who owns nice makeup but has no fucking clue? A makeup lesson with a professional or one of those makeup lessons at a brand place like mac or Bobbi brown?

What brands are good? I own a Tom Ford lip gloss and that's the only one I own that doesn't go all sticky and gross but they're expensive.

I want to know about contouring but I'm very pale and the contour sets are all so dark I'm afraid of trying them 😂.

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NewYoiker · 17/12/2018 08:45

Basically I have £200 to spend on makeup and skincare for Christmas from DH and I don't know what to buy

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Cooella · 17/12/2018 19:26

Go to a makeup counter in your price range. Eg Bobbi Brown/mac/chanel and get them to do u over. Then only buy the products that made the biggest difference - in my case this was foundation & highlighter both Bobbi brown - and then look for the cheaper versions of the other products they used in boots/superdrug eg lipsticks/eyeliner. Make sure u watch the application v carefully and ask for tips as that makes the biggest difference.

beardeddragon174 · 17/12/2018 19:27

Following with interest.

NationalShiteDay · 17/12/2018 19:30

I would do your makeup as you usually like it, then go to a counter (I love Mac for this), and ask them to do it similar but updated/better.

You have to be a bit careful, I once came out looking like a drag queen, which wasn't the look I was going for.

Then as PP said, buy only the stuff that makes a difference.

For me it's eyebrows and lipstick.

SexNotJenga · 17/12/2018 20:51

Please don't contour. It looks mad.

Lisa Eldridge has lots of good how - to videos on her website. Spend a little bit of time just playing about with them and some make up next time you get a little while to yourself.

I would try to think about how I could look like I'd made more of an effort, but without actually trying very hard. If it takes a lot of time and energy, you won't keep it up. If you're an average person, you're probably pretty busy. I think it's easier to do things like gets your eye lashes tinted and lifted than it is to faff on with mascara every morning, and removing it every night.

Products I like - setting spray, so you don't have to do touch-ups. I also like benetint cheek and lip colour (one tiny pot), although it took a bit of practice to get it quite right. My main tip to is to buy stuff in travel sizes, especially mascara. Most mascaras dry out long before the product is used up.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 17/12/2018 21:15

Get LVL done. My DD has really good eyelashes anyway but wen she has LVL, she has people asking her if she's wearing false lashes or inserts. Even with no mascara.

Eyebrow thread and tint


Then you have the basics , add your make-up.

DD had a mini makeover at Urban Decay when it was quiet (she'd gone for a foundation which they colour matched for her)

PersonaNonGarter · 17/12/2018 21:23

Lisa Eldridge videos are a good start.

You have a great budget. If you want luscious hair you could do worse than spend on Christophe Robin Hair Mask. The prickly pear one is amazing but £££.

A good start would be:

Tinted moisturiser - Laura Mercier or Nars
Good concealer - Nars or Bobbi Brown
Simple eye palette - I like the small Bobbi Brown ones but there are plenty about. Don’t buy a massive one as you will only use a couple of colours
Good brow pencil from MAC or Laura Mercier
Lipstick from Chanel or Kevin Aucoin or Tom Ford

I reckon you can do that for under £200 and have a couple of quid left for a make up remover...

User5trillion · 17/12/2018 21:24

I have just done a similar thing. I started by getting a good hair cut and colour. Then had a make up lesson at Bobbi Brown, cost £30 redeemable against a purchase- bought foundation. Then joined Beauty Pie £20 a month (cheaper and more expensive options available) and have refreshed (started!) a skincare regime and chucked out my 10 yr old make up and replaced with new.

Still trying (failing) at losing weight so went to a dress agency and bought £100 of new clothes, got some lovely bits at supermarket prices. Feeling much better and done with a close eye on keeping costs down.

User5trillion · 17/12/2018 21:26

Also watched a shit tonne of youtube videos to make sure I was doing it right, so Lisa Elsridge, Matt Goss and Caroline Hirons.

NewYoiker · 17/12/2018 21:46

Fabulous thank you :)

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