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Completely clueless but have money to spend!

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NotPennysBoat · 16/12/2018 20:24

I have absolutely no idea about this kind of stuff, but I've come into some money and I'd like to spend it on myself! Can you answer my clueless questions, please?

Invisalign braces - how much are we talking roughly (top & bottom teeth) and how long do they take to do the job?

Eyebrows - what's the difference between HD brows and microblading? Rough cost and how long does it last before it needs to be redone?

Eyelashes - thinking of something semi permanent... what are my options, rough costs and how long do they last?


OP posts:
NotPennysBoat · 16/12/2018 20:45

Oh and teeth whitening! Same questions as above!

OP posts:
GloomyMonday · 16/12/2018 23:15

I don't know anything about braces so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.

Eyelashes - you can get a salon to dye your lashes for about £20. It lasts 2-3 weeks.

Eyebrows - HDbrows shape and treat your own brows (about £25 here) whereas microblading involves tattooing 'lashes' and costs a few hundred I believe.

Teeth whitening - £600 treatment at my dentist and she says it lasts about 3 years.

namechanged0983 · 16/12/2018 23:27

Invisalign braves (just top ones) were £2500

Eyelashes semi permanent extensions last 2 weeks ish £60-95

Teeth whitening £250

APositiveMind · 16/12/2018 23:34

Hi, Invisalign braces - roughly £4000 for upper and lower. Length of treatment is different for everyone depending on severity of crowding.
You have to wear the aligned for at least 22 of 24 hours a day. Literally only taking them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth. Although water is an exception.
They are brilliant, the process of getting them can be a tiny bit long winded as the Invisalign labs are abroad such as Netherlands and Mexico. So it takes a couple of weeks to get the impressions sent out, the clincheck back to ensure you happy with the digital outcome and then a couple of weeks to receive the alogners once you click accept (with your orthodontist).
Be aware: even with Invisalign, you still have to have tiny attachments on some of your teeth, they are usually done with white filling material that is temporarily stuck on for your duration of treatment, they are not visible though. Also you may atbsoke point have to wear elastic bands from jaw to jaw like you would with a fixed appliance. This us dependant on your case though.
All in all, Invisalign is a really great way to go, expensive but so worth it.

HollowTalk · 16/12/2018 23:36

My son had fixed braces as an adult for £3K in the south east. They don't come out until the end of 6-12 months. His were 12 months as he was very fussy.

APositiveMind · 16/12/2018 23:37

Always have your teeth whitening at a dental clinic and not by a beautician.
You legally have to have a dental qualification to bleach teeth.
So beauticians either do it illegally, or they are not using a whitening product that actually whitens your teeth, they may use stain removal but that will not lighten your teeth to a colour whiter than the shade you already have.

GrimDamnFanjo · 16/12/2018 23:48

Eyelashes try lvl basically a perm to curl and then a tint. I pay£45 and look like Daisy the Cow!

NotPennysBoat · 17/12/2018 20:40

Thanks for all your responses! Hmm I think Invisalign is out - I was expecting it to be about £1k!
Would definitely only have teeth whitened at dentist, will ask when I'm there in January.

Sounds like microblading is what I need for eyebrows, they're already very dark just patchy and sparse! How much should I expect to pay roughly and is it permanent or does it need redoing?

Eyelash extensions also sound good, will research those a bit more. Can they make your lashes thicker as well as longer?

OP posts:
APositiveMind · 17/12/2018 21:40

Even metal fixed braces you're looking at at least 2k for upper and lower:( ridiculously expensive but worth it for the outcome

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