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Help me to spend my money and make myself over please!

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Cantchoosenickname · 16/12/2018 15:03

As the title suggests I have some money to spend on myself (£500-£800 ish) and I could do with a mini makeover. Would prefer to wait until after Christmas because I’ve just got too much to do between now and then and I want to get this makeover right, not impulse buy/spend!

I’m nearly 40, slim, dark hair and quite pasty, dull, dry skin at the moment. I wear skinny jeans/boots/flowy tops - mostly in black/grey. I’m quite comfortable in these outfits so don’t really want to change them but I could do with updating my wardrobe in some way. I like to think I have the potential to look quite groomed in a classic way but I’m a bit scared of getting it wrong and either dressing too old/too young for my age.

I’ve already decided to spend some on hair cut, nails and eyebrows but could do with some specific pointers with everything really. I’d like a capsule type wardrobe (shop mainly at cheap stores ie, H&M, New Look, ASOS) so that everything goes together but I look and feel like I’ve made an effort iyswim?

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SpeckledyHen · 16/12/2018 16:32

Why not invest in a colour and style day first ? It should be easy after that to get it right and launch a new you .

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