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RomanyRoots · 14/12/2018 00:34

I have been researching these and want to know why there is such a discrepancy in pricing and if the extra couple of hundred pounds is worth the extra benefit.
I know only the laser removes hair permanently but I opted for this as I have olive skin, and dark hair, so wasn't sure the ipl was up to it.
Any experiences or recommendations, or knowledge of the differences.
There really is little in the reviews.

OP posts:
Twistering · 14/12/2018 09:16

In my humble opinion it's because one really works and the other is ok at best. I had my armpits lasered years ago and is amazing (have to have a couple of top up sessions a year now but well worth it), but accidently booked IPL for bikini line (thinking a bargain) and did precisely f-all.

It's also worth not falling for really cheap laser options (I did this too). The more expensive ones tend to be the latest kit which a) are more powerful and work loads quicker and b) hurt a lot less!

Definitely worth the extra for the results and overall experience. Do it!

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