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Hair up-style for work?

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Greengrotbag · 11/12/2018 19:20

I'm back to work after nearly a decade away from the office. My youthful pony tails no longer seem sophisticated 😄 any suggestions for just past the shoulder thick hair please? Thanks

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bellalou1234 · 11/12/2018 19:24

Watching with interest I've longer hair that has to be up for work, but always looks rubbish

madmum5811 · 11/12/2018 19:25

I just wind it around and secure it with big hair clips, then tease out the top.

colditz · 11/12/2018 19:25

I put mine in a low pony and then up in a claw grip. My hair is wavt and this means it drapes over the clip and looks quite relaxed, but is up

PennyMordauntsLadyBrain · 11/12/2018 19:32

I use this -

(Sorry, I can’t do fancy links!)

It’s fantastic- I’m very hamfisted when it comes to doing hair, but this is dead easy to use. I loosen a few strands at the front so it looks more relaxed during the day, and I’ve also used it for formal dos when I can’t get to the hairdresser.

Greengrotbag · 11/12/2018 21:06

Thanks everyone. I'll try to get that Heidi roll. Looks good

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