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Daytime Moisturiser

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Tarriance · 11/12/2018 15:29

I'm looking for a new moisturiser for day time. I am 30 and my skin is normal but can get dry in places.

I'd like it to be cruelty free and to be able to buy it in shops (rather than needing to order it online).

I'd rather not spend too much - anything over a tenner needs to work miracles.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated!

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DeadCertain · 11/12/2018 15:34

Aldi Lacura Caviar is great.

Sausagefingers9 · 11/12/2018 15:35

You can’t beat a pot of blue Nivea, especially in the winter.

Liesmyparentstoldme · 11/12/2018 15:41

Super facialist rose hydrate day cream

GetOffTheTableMabel · 11/12/2018 15:43

Clinique Smart SPF15 Custom Moisturizer is really good - on its own and under make-up.

furrysheep · 11/12/2018 15:45

Agree with pp Aldi Lacura Caviar. I've tried lots of expensive creams and still find this one to be the best for my skin.

Tarriance · 11/12/2018 15:53

I think I will try the Superfacialist - it's on deal in boots at the mo - until I can get to an Aldi to get the Lacura to try. Thank for your suggestions Xmas Smile

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