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Liquid Eyeliner disappears - what do I need to "set it"

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NastyorNice · 09/12/2018 20:57

I do not wear a great deal of make-up - just eyebrow pencil, a swoosh of liquid eyeliner, some mascara.

I do not wear foundation or anything on my skin (think the last time I wore foundation was in my 20s) and would rather not start having to do anything too faffy.

But - my eyeliner just disappears after a few hours. Patchily sometimes. I think it is natural skin oil etc.

What do I need to try and keep it lasting longer? Is it just some powder of some kind? A primer (not really sure what this is - but seen it mentioned on here) or some other magic kind of cream/stuff?

Help! Please.

OP posts:
peachypetite · 09/12/2018 20:59

I use Bobbi brown and it doesn't budge

eurochick · 09/12/2018 21:27

Try a different brand. I'm using liquidlast from Mac at the moment. It really doesn't budge. It's a bugger to remove though. Otherwise, yes, you could try an eyelid primer.

DeRigueurMortis · 09/12/2018 21:34

The Bobbi Brown gel liners are good. Once they set they don't shift.

Bit different to apply than a liquid liner so might need to revisit your technique (you need a separate brush) but tbh I find it easier and a lot more forgiving than liquid liner (you can also blend it before it sets to give a softer look if you want, it keep it "sharp".)

VioletCharlotte · 09/12/2018 21:39

I've tested loads of liquid eyeliners over the years. If your budget doesn't stretch to Bobbi Brown, the Bourjois one is pretty good. I always find the ones that you brush on stay better than the ones like a pen.

Pinkyyy · 09/12/2018 21:39

Sounds like you need a different eyeliner, if you have issues with it staying put then you may get on better with a waterproof liner as these are more difficult to budge. You can try setting it with a black eyeshadow on an angled (eyebrow) brush, but if the liner isn't staying then I doubt this is going to help.

ginyogarepeat · 09/12/2018 21:59

I just use a soap and glory liquid one. It stays on all day but I do use a primer first - urban decay eye one - it's fab!

SparkleTheTinselKitten · 10/12/2018 00:02

Try another liner.

nancybelle · 10/12/2018 08:08

I use some powder on my lids and then bourgeois liquid liner on top and it last all day and night.

NastyorNice · 12/12/2018 13:32

Thank you for the hints everyone. I knew MN would come up trumps. I have just dusted a little powder over my eyelids over the last couple of days and the eyeliner (Bourjois one) has stayed put!

Thank you.

OP posts:
lindyloo57 · 12/12/2018 16:48

is the bobbi brown one in a glass pot, i have this, but it melts on me, should i powder over it. i have yet to find a liner that stays put.

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