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Any Botox experts around

15 replies

Silentnightstar · 09/12/2018 20:51

I really want to get it done on some very prominent frown lines. I hate them and feel like they have ruined my face. I know so many people get Botox now but I am honestly really afraid.....
I suffer from anxiety and tend to overthink things and I have also read quite scary things online about Botox potentially spreading, maybe affecting the brain. I would obviously go to a reputable doctor but the “what if’s” are constantly nagging away at me. I have even thought about what if they made a mistake at the factory which makes Botox and the a batch could be too potent. Could it potentially be dangerous/ cause lung paralysis, would a doctor talk through all the risks.
I know I sound stupid. On one hand I could just leave it but I constantly look exhausted and angry and I know because the lines are caused by muscles nothing else will work. Maybe when I get more sleep the lines will fade but I doubt it. If anyone has good knowledge behind Botox please advise.

OP posts:
Silentnightstar · 09/12/2018 21:38

Anyone ?

OP posts:
barleysugar · 09/12/2018 21:42

The amount of actual Botox is incredibly low. It’s mostly just saline. You wouldn’t get side effects like that even if you drank it. A reputable medical aesthetician would talk you through it properly and explain the mechanism.

BringMeTea · 09/12/2018 21:47

I have GAD and have botox. Every time I think, will this be the time I get droopy eye or something but I don't. Just do lots of research. Use someone with lots of experience. A medic. Doesn't need to be a doctor if you find a reputable nurse you will be fine.

Cakes321 · 09/12/2018 21:50

Have you tried Frownies? Don't know much about Botox apart from that I would be scared to get it done too (although a friend has started getting it done and she looks great)...

I used Frownies a couple of years ago as I was paranoid about my looks, and I did notice a slight change which made me less aware of my frown lines. Might be worth trying those for a few weeks before getting Botox?

SherlocksDeerstalker · 09/12/2018 21:50

I also have anxiety and get Botox. I even asked my practitioner if Botox causes anxiety as I had a massive panic attack after my first dose. She looked at me like Hmm and she is one of the most qualified/well known aesthetics practitioners in the country! It’s taken a good 5 years off my face, but I do sweat every time.

Silentnightstar · 09/12/2018 22:03

I did try frownies but they only work very temporarily on me I feel, the lines are as strong as ever.
I know this sounds crazy but I am not worried about the practitioner more about if someone in the production of Botox messed up and didn’t dilute it correctly and there was a batch that was too strong. I read the list of side effects from allergen and it does mention death by paralysis.
I know logically that if so many people get it , it must be safe but I am so risk adverse. I don’t want to worry loads after getting it. At the same time I hate these frown lines so much and I’m at an age where I know it would really make a good difference to my face and eyes. I just don’t know 😖

OP posts:
BringMeTea · 09/12/2018 22:43

Well it is up to you of course but as a GAD haver I would never read potential side effects etc. I know I would never even take paracetamol if I did. Gett informed then do what feels right for you.

Silentnightstar · 10/12/2018 09:05

I am definitely over-thinking things. I guess I am just freaked out about the idea that the boxin could migrate to other areas in the body. I also know how common it is here, it’s almost like getting a haircut yet it comes from such a dangerous source...

OP posts:
championquartz · 10/12/2018 09:35

I understand your anxiety, but you are definitely over-thinking. Even if you intravenously injected the total Botox required for your frown, it would have no effect - it's that tiny. The worst that can happen is that you have a droopy eyelid for a couple of weeks and seriously, if you go to anyone half decent, that's not going to happen. Botox can't 'travel' or do anything close to travel.

And remember, if you don't like it, it gone in a matter of weeks.

SaltPans · 10/12/2018 09:45

I have injections every 3 months for medical reasons, and a much bigger dose than the cosmetic ones. I used to worry about having a deadly toxin injected, but after 13 years, nothing adverse has ever happened, except some bruising at the injection sites.

Normally, doctors start off at the lowest possible dose for medical reasons, and then increase it next time, if its not enough - but as PP say, the effects wear off in weeks.

I have it in the neck, and there is a risk of not being able to swallow for 3 months, and my guess is that if there is a risk of death by paralysis, it would be from respiratory paralysis and that won't be a risk from a minute dose in the face!

SaltPans · 10/12/2018 09:45

(It does not travel like that)

Butterflycookie · 10/12/2018 10:08

People get them for migraines and all sorts of medical conditions. I have bladder problems and they suggested Botox.

JaneJeffer · 10/12/2018 11:51

If you're that worried don't get it! Why put yourself through such unnecessary stress? Having wrinkles is perfectly natural.

Ollivander84 · 10/12/2018 15:11

I get anxious about stuff and have a v bad immune system. Had azzalure (similar to Botox) twice and all fine
I was reassured by it being an a&e doctor that did mine!

Truckingonandon · 10/12/2018 17:41

Sherlock - I bet she didn't look at you like that. I bet it was more like 😐


I've been having Botox for 15 years. Never had a mishap, other than I just prefer the way some doctors do it versus others. It's a miracle worker. You'll be amazed but not able to express it and wonder what took you so long to get it done. Once you've pushed yourself to do it once, you'll wonder what you were worried about. It doesn't hurt either.

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