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Chin hair!

3 replies

Ashover · 09/12/2018 14:42

Hi all, wonder if anyone has advice please. I am 44 years old. For the last couple of years, Ive noticed hairs on my chin, which are dark and can be quite course. It seems to have worsened over the last 6 months or so, to the point where I can be plucking them out every day/every other day. There seems so many. Is this normal? Just something I have to put up with at my age? Or something I should see my GP about?

OP posts:
AltogetherAndrews · 09/12/2018 15:06

Normal I think, for some of us.

A Philips Lumea is your friend here. Plucking just gave me cystic acne. They are nearly gone now after blasting with the Lumea for many weeks (they are persistent little buggers)

goose1964 · 09/12/2018 23:06

Normal, unfortunately.

catmon · 09/12/2018 23:14

Electrolysis ... takes a few sessions but it's permanent

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