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Do facials make a difference?

10 replies

chuckanotherlogon · 08/12/2018 15:53

I'm fairly committed to skin care but I'm looking a bit sallow and hollow eyed.
Would a facial help or should I spend the £50 on more skin care products?

OP posts:
chuckanotherlogon · 08/12/2018 21:50

A little bump for any skin experts..

OP posts:
itsbetterthanabox · 09/12/2018 09:17

Facials definitely give a deeper cleanse and can help brighten.
Depends what your skin concerns are and what facial you are getting as they can also give great results on acne, redness and lines.

Delatron · 09/12/2018 12:22

I’m a fan of more medical grade facials rather than just the ‘bit of exfoliation and a mask’ that I can do at home.
They are more ££ but you see results.
So the hydra facial is amazing and the fire and ice facial.

Delatron · 09/12/2018 12:23

But depends how old you are. In my youth they had no effect and I’d have been better spending money on creams. Just seen that you mention £50 too, these facials are £180!

For a £50 facial I’d buy some good skincare.

Corcra · 09/12/2018 21:00

I love facials. The best ones in my experience are guinot. I really notice my skin is glowing and benefits from them.
In terms of skin care. I always say it Kinvara rosehip serum was a complete game changer for me. My skin is so good since I started using it.

YouWereRight · 09/12/2018 21:36

Would you think a facial was worth it in a college? Does the inexperience cancel out the benefits?

alreadyinchristmasmood · 10/12/2018 14:22

@Corcra another big vote for Guinot! See if you can find them in your area. I've had them for years now, I couldn't be happier. Some of them a bit £, but definitely worth it

chuckanotherlogon · 10/12/2018 15:26

Thanks for the comments.
We live rurally so don't have a lot of choice. So far I've found Dermalogica or Crystal Clear dermabrasion.
I've got dry, sallow, wrinkly skin.

OP posts:
ExcitedForChristmas18 · 10/12/2018 15:32

I'm a skin care specialist.. in my opinion, yes they are worth it ONLY if you can afford to have one once a month! And follow all the advice the therapist gives you. 99% of women don't. But expect results.
If you can't afford such a commitment my best advice is to get yourself a few key products and give yourself mini facials at home. This way you save ALOT of money!

In my opinion and experience with hundreds of products by far the best is Elemis!

Truckingonandon · 10/12/2018 17:46

Nah, not worth it imvho. You can make a big difference now yourself with acids and retinols. No skin care or facial will help with hollows under the eyes either. That's a job for filler unfortunately.

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