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I know it's rude to shout, but I DON'T NEED ANY MORE CLOTHES OR SHOES!

22 replies

Justmuddlingalong · 04/12/2018 22:17

After failing to curb my addiction to buying clothes, shoes and boots last year, this time I mean it. I'm waiting for 3 last things being delivered this week and then that's it. I'm at my ideal weight, everything fits and my wardrobe's groaning at the seams. I've clothes for every social occasion and a couple of lifetimes. Anyone else need to curb their unnecessary clothes shopping?

OP posts:
southernbelles · 04/12/2018 22:26

Oh god, like you wouldn't believe! Shock unfortunately I've said 'this time I mean it' too many times & then bought more 🙁 I'm hoping CBT will help!

Justmuddlingalong · 04/12/2018 22:31

Oh no! I was hoping mumsnet could help. 2018 was to be a no spend on clothes year. I lasted until about the 2nd of January and its snowballed from there. Joking apart, it really is out of control. Blush

OP posts:
southernbelles · 04/12/2018 23:12

I also had the same goal, unfortunately for the first half of the year I was working in a clothes shop with a healthy discount, but up until around March I was doing quite well. I kept every receipt & listed everything in a receipt book. Then around April time it crept up & up, I now haven't listed a receipt for about 5 months & they are all squirrelled away in my dressing table (so I don't have to look at them!) Blush
I sought help via my GP relating to anxiety, & then was referred to therapy, where they have recommended CBT to tackle my terrible self-esteem which then feeds the shopping. I'm now on a waiting list. It's like I am trying to buy a better version of myself, & clothes also act as a sort of 'armour'.
I suppose how you tackle it depends on whether you know what your root cause is!

Justmuddlingalong · 04/12/2018 23:15

Mines is boredom in the evenings. Online shopping is like spending monopoly money. Until I check my bank balance.

OP posts:
Mercurial123 · 05/12/2018 06:53

I was exactly like this, I would be constantly thinking about what I wanted to buy and became a bit obsessive until I got it. Once I had it I wasn't interested and moved onto the next thing not appreciating what I have. It's not a healthy way to live. I set up a savings account and put in money which I would have spent on clothes into travel. I also do a lot of yoga and a bit of meditation and this helps calm my mind. I now buy what I need. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. My weakness is internet shopping so avoid looking at clothes when I'm bored because I know I'll end up buying something.

pasturesgreen · 05/12/2018 08:26

Online shopping is like spending monopoly money. Until I check my bank balance

^ This! I'm in the same boat. I've been promising myself to curb my spending on clothes and makeup and accessories for years now, but then there's always the next must have-whatever that comes up.

What's especially depressing is that i get a thrill out of the actual buying act, then I get a bit meh and need to move on the next purchase. Jeez.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff · 05/12/2018 08:59

I think I may have started a no spend thread around this time last year. I've been an absolute disgrace in 2018 and have failed dismally.

2019 - no more excuses, I just have to stop!

MinesaPinot · 05/12/2018 09:21

Me too. Actually it's handbags that are my failing. Despite having a large trunk in our bedroom, and a huge box under the bed, and bags in the back bedroom hanging off my shoe rack or on top of the wardrobe I still buy more. Admittedly I try to do a 'one in one out' policy, but that seems to have failed miserably.

And the thing is, it's not as if I'm buying cheap bags, so the money it's costing me is a fortune. The amount I've paid for 3 of mine could fund our holiday but it seems like an addiction.

Whilst I have got not chance of making 2019 a No Spend year, I am making it a Spend Less and considering my purchases rather than just impulse buying.

Sitranced · 05/12/2018 11:02

Unsubscribe to the marketing emails - and don't give out your email address at the till.
Uninstall all the shopping apps from your phone.
Don't make shopping an activity without knowing what you need - make it a chore and go with a list.
Delete your card details from Amazon/ebay/paypal or any other online shop that has them stored somewhere.
Do up a spreadsheet with every item of clothing you own colour code them to occasion/season if you can be arsed
Take a good look at your calendar and plan your outfits with what you already own for the upcoming events.
Polish/clean/iron/mend and repair the things that need a spruce up.
Don't buy it because it'll do and it's cheap, buy it because you love it and it's perfect.

Oly5 · 05/12/2018 11:19

I’m in, shopping has become a hobby. I’m trying to fill my life with other hobbies.. going for a daily walk and reading lots of novels is helping. I’ll alwys have a weakness for clothes but I feel guilty over the huge amount spent/wasted. Writing down every single purchase also helps. It’s easy just to put receipts in a drawer and be in denial

NoSpend19 · 05/12/2018 11:22
MrsPatmore · 05/12/2018 12:34

There is a thread in active about over consumption and the affects it has on the planet and people. It's quite sobering to read.

Jack65 · 05/12/2018 12:41

I too was buying new clothes when i have perfectly good stylish clothes in the wardrobe, so I have reduced my spending. I now have a one in, two out policy which works. I have also been ruthless in culling my wardrobe, and found how much stuff I have bought and worn once. What a waste. So I'm embracing a version of minimalism. A sort of half way version. It is quite freeing not having so much 'stuff'. If it doesn't bring pleasure or function, it's going. The charity shop is loving us!

EtVoilaBrexit · 05/12/2018 12:48

A trick that worked for me
If you end up on a website and want to buy xxx, put it in your basket and then WAIT for a couple of days (or even better for a week)
Then come back to it and ask yourself

  • Do I actually NEED it? (Probably not seen how much you have already)
  • Do I really WANT it? The answer is also likely to be NO ime

You might even find that you aren’t going back to said website a week later because well.... it wasn’t actually that nice iyswim.

I’ve curbed my book addiction that way.
halfwitpicker · 05/12/2018 12:49

Online shopping has a lot to answer for

teta · 05/12/2018 13:40

For the last 4 months I’ve been selling my unworn or slightly worn items on eBay.I’ve made quite a bit of money but I still have numerous items of everything. Too many cashmere jumpers to mention, multiple cashmere scarves, many pairs of jeans. I actually find myself wearing the same ‘ uniform ‘ daily. My aim now is to buy quality which means no more cheap Tk cashmere and jeans that really fit well. Also only to buy something when I need it. No shopping to alleviate a bad day or Pmt or boredom. Having contemplated how little the Very expensive Alpaca unworn coat went for on eBay is a big incentive not to buy more.

DontCallMeCharlotte · 05/12/2018 13:40

Unsubscribe to the marketing emails

Actually, while I failed in my no-spend 2018 attempt, this really did help.

I only have one store account but it's my biggest failing (not helped by them advertising some nice party wear on the sidebar RIGHT NOW!). Once I pay it off, I would close it but I get down to the last £100 or so and then start all over again. Sigh...

Sitranced · 05/12/2018 13:49

@DontCallMeCharlotte Get an adblocker

Sitranced · 05/12/2018 13:51

Stop following youtubers and instagrammers who sell you shit.

I refuse to watch anymore hauls!

twoblackdogs · 05/12/2018 14:45

Unsubscribe and then -
create a separate e-mail address and give it out to all shops and marketing people who ask. You will still be polite, and that trash will go to a separate address without mixing with your important everyday e-mails.
Everything in one place. Out of sight, out of mind, and everyone happy.

LurkYouLongtime · 05/12/2018 20:24

If you like browsing how about eBay? I have started looking at brands I like on there and buying stuff for the kids and me. It's cheaper, there is often a good/interesting choice, it is sometimes new and sometimes used so less wasteful, bidding and auctions are quite satisfying/exciting and it can be quite a slow process so fewer massive purchases.

You think 'i'd like a Boden Christmas jumper for DC' so you look up what's available, check the sizes, read the blurb about the condition of ones you like best, place a watch on some, maybe a bid on one. It forces you to think about how much you want something and how much you're actually willing to pay. The stuff is not modelled on beautiful stylish perfect specimins, so usually looks less appealing than the catalogue version. Finally there's not the same instant gratification of buying into an 'insta-perfect' life as advertised.

I do have too much stuff, so do the kids, but I find it helps!

Thankssomuch · 05/12/2018 21:11

To be honest I love shopping, online or otherwise. I don’t really want to stop.


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