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Caldecott or Janelle coat?

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RidingMyBike · 03/12/2018 16:20

Looking for a new warm waterproof coat for me. It's an Xmas present to me so have budget of up to £200 to spend. Tried on both Joules Caldecott and Seasalt Janelle today. Liked both although fit/style of Caldecott was a bit better. Caldecott seemed warmer, Janelle more waterproof! They only had a black Janelle in stock though which may be why I was less keen.

It'll be for hanging around for hours in cold wet play areas. Lengthy walks with scooting pre-schooler. Also want to wear it to work but that's not ultra smart.

Anyone else have either and got any comments? I'm thinking more waterproof may be better as I can always layer more.

OP posts:
BobbinThreadbare123 · 03/12/2018 16:23

Yes I've got the Janelle. It is waterproof, superbly. I find it quite warm and have got enough armpit room to wear a fleece under as well. The hood is decent and the length stops all day wet trousers.

RidingMyBike · 03/12/2018 16:27

Thank you @BobbinThreadbare123 that's reassuring about the Janelle hood. It was considerably smaller than the Caldecott hood which made me wonder if it would cover as much. But the Caldecott hood was so big I'd have had to lift it up to see anything!

Are the sleeve cuffs ok on Janelle? Was trying to make out if there'd be a howling gale up them!

OP posts:
Foxglove40 · 03/12/2018 17:07

I’m delighted with my new navy Janelle. Warm and waterproof, hood stays on. I’m a teacher so wanted something for playground/ outdoor school that’s looks simple and smart. I’ve had lots of compliments. I particularly like the two-way zip. Got mine from Next.

BobbinThreadbare123 · 03/12/2018 17:20

I have the black one. I got it in a John Lewis sale last winter. The hood is fine; I wear glasses so I like to have them sheltered from rain and it does that. The cuffs are alright. I've worn it in a very cold, wet and snowy Austrian winter and it was fab.

RidingMyBike · 03/12/2018 19:25

Oooh like the sound of two way zip and also the the hood helps with keeping glasses out of rain. Very useful!

Thank you.

OP posts:
RidingMyBike · 04/01/2019 20:09

Thank you for all the advice! I got a Janelle for Christmas and I love it! Been for some long walks in the coat and been lovely and warm. Haven't had a chance to test it in the rain yet

OP posts:
ilovecherries · 04/01/2019 20:13

I love my Janelle. Was also considering the Joules one, but very happy with the Seasalt one. It’s warm, appears waterproof, has a great hood, I don’t feel trussed up in it, and I can get a uniqlo down thingy under it if nec (although hasn’t been cold enough for that yet). I have the navy.

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