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Expensive formal dress faulty

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gillmoregirl · 30/11/2018 20:24

Looking for advice. Bought expensive dress for daughters formal which bobbled down both sides after wearing that night. These are not pulls caused by Jewellery but rather pulls seen in poor quality jersey. This dress cost me over £250. Have I any right to complain.Feel bit cheated as was hoping to resell this dress after wearing.

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OxeyeDaisy · 02/12/2018 09:28

I would take it back/ send it back explain to the advisor that it has been worn once and you are not happy with how the fabric has worn. The first thing they will say is it’s a bag or a necklace that’s caused it. Is it in more than one place on the dress?
If the store are not able to help ask for customer service or head office details and explain that your not happy with the decision. Also take the name of the person you have been dealing with.

Then follow it up with customer services

gillmoregirl · 02/12/2018 22:50

@OxeyeDaisy There are one or two pulls on the dress which I realise may have been caused by corsage but the whole material at front has went bobbly. Totally different. Dress was worn for 6 hrs tops. I just wondered if I was being unreasonable questioning the quality at the price I paid. Lesson well learned for next formal. I contacted seller who said she has bobble remover and to bring the dress down for her to use this. She said sometimes material can go like this due to 'friction'. My daughters only activity that night was dancing. Given the price I'm very disappointed in the appearance of the dress. Just hope seller doesn't make dress worse. 🤔

OP posts:
gillmoregirl · 02/12/2018 22:51

@OxeyeDaisy By the way, thank you for taking the time to reply to me. 👍🏻

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