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JML Finishing Touch hair remover?

6 replies

Baconsarnie · 29/11/2018 22:56

Have seen these advertised on tv, promising quick and painless facial hair removal. Am tempted. Anyone got one? Would you recommend? Thanks!

OP posts:
Auldspinster · 30/11/2018 10:17

They aren't much cop, my mum has one.

Deathraystare · 30/11/2018 10:47

Nor is the No NO. Well.. it worked on my arms and legs but not on my moustache, and chin, sadly

KenDoddsDadsDogsDead18 · 30/11/2018 18:19

It does work but you have to use it everyday. It's not like a laser product. It's far easier than tweezers. I like mine.

Baconsarnie · 05/12/2018 07:43

KenDodd, is it painful? I've got one of those episticks for my downy cheeks but I can't bear to use it!

OP posts:
KenDoddsDadsDogsDead18 · 08/12/2018 18:01

Sorry only just seen this. Absolutely not painful no! I like mine but you do have to use it every day. Tweezing a hair from the root seems to keep you hair free for longer.

TheMarbleFaun · 08/12/2018 19:55

I like mine too it's sort of like a mini ladies electric razor
I have very fair hair so not sure how effective they would be for darker haired ladies

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