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What do you use to transform everyday office make-up into a going out after work look?

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SwedishEdith · 29/11/2018 22:47

What are your best tips for perking up your face?

OP posts:
OHolyNightOwl · 29/11/2018 22:53

Tjena Edith! Grin

I use a sponge to pat on some concealer and even out any creases, put on some powder, blusher, darker eyeshadow and spray with ELF setting spray. Finish with more mascara and lipstick. Takes 10 minutes or so!

mumbojumb · 29/11/2018 22:54

Use a brighter lipstick and more blusher! Sparklier colours for the eyes also

TantricTwist · 30/11/2018 00:25

Nothing really, just powder face and reapply lipstick.

OHolyNightOwl · 30/11/2018 00:37

I think my main thing to transform from day to night is earrings! I change into big hoops (plain or with beads) or long dangly earrings. Instantly transforms the whole look to a party one.

SwedishEdith · 30/11/2018 10:54

Thanks all. It's sparklier eyeshadow that I think I need. But not too much crepey skin. Or some sort of sparlier eye liner.

OP posts:
DontCallMeCharlotte · 30/11/2018 13:00

Put on a red lipstick (as opposed to my daytime colour) and add many many layers of mascara.

user187656748 · 30/11/2018 13:06

powder to remove shine, redo lipstick with something shimmery, extra blusher on top of existing, highlighter (which I don't wear during the day) sparkly eyeshadow on top of existing, extra mascara and eyeliner

CremeDeSudo · 30/11/2018 13:26

I reapply everything and put extra liquid eyeliner on and lipstick

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