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Best make up brush set?

10 replies

Nic165 · 27/11/2018 11:52

I'd like to buy a new set of make up brushes but unsure which brand to go for. Anyone got any suggestions? Any budget. Thanks!

OP posts:
Villanelley · 27/11/2018 11:56

I'm a big fan of Zoeva brushes. Decent quality and not outrageously priced.

People rave about Real Techniques brushes too.

OHolyNightOwl · 27/11/2018 13:08

Yes, came on here to say Real Techniques. They are cheap, great and are used by many makeup artists/bloggers.

LMDC · 27/11/2018 13:26

Real Techniques are great inexpensive brushes. If budget is no issue my first pick would be Sigma, Morphe or Zoeva for sure.

Lumene · 27/11/2018 13:55

I have just joined Beauty Pie and ordered their brush set. Great reviews but personally haven’t tried them yet. Prior to that I had a some Bobbi Brown brushes and a Mac set that lasted years.

professionalnomad · 27/11/2018 19:44

I have real technique brushes and they do the job nicely

MrsChollySawcutt · 27/11/2018 19:47

Another vote for Zoeva if your budget will stretch to it.

BH Cosmetics brushes are also very good and have lots of Cyber Monday bundle offers on right now.

Juicyfrooty · 27/11/2018 19:50

Real techniques for face brushes, spectrum are good for eyeshadow brushes.

User5trillion · 27/11/2018 20:14

I have joined beauty pie and bought their brushes, a set of 10 for £30 (I think) and they are lovely. Worth the subscription for that alone.

Nic165 · 27/11/2018 23:22

Thanks everyone! Got the real techniques sculpting brush and blusher brush as a starting point. Will look into the other suggestions as well for others :)

OP posts:
LovelyGirlNOT · 27/11/2018 23:25

Very expensive, but Hourglass do amazing brushes (and makeup)

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