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Silly George Lashes or other magnetic lash recommendations

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CherryTangfastics · 26/11/2018 16:32

After being bombarded on Facebook by Silly George ads I'm very tempted to order a set or 2. The reviews are bit suspect (overly positive). Has anyone ordered these and how did you find them?

Also are there any other brands you'd recommend?

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katmunchkin · 16/12/2018 16:35


Girlsnightin · 16/12/2018 19:00

Following too. Had a major fail eyelash fail this weekend and am tempted by magnetic ones...

missfliss · 16/12/2018 19:20

ardells - i use the 001, really good

MrsTeach · 16/12/2018 19:23

I succumbed to the Facebook ads and bought some a while ago.
I'm pretty good with stick on lashes but the magnetic ones are awful!
They ping together before I could get them on the lash line properly and ended up sat halfway down my lashes looking very odd.

I gave up after many hours of trying!

ZucchinisInBikinis · 16/12/2018 19:26

I couldn't get the ardell ones to work. I put it down to me having heavily hooded eyes. I think my eyelashes grow at the wrong angle? Shame as they looked like a great way to beef up my lashes.

sulee · 16/12/2018 19:37

Don’t bother- a complete waste of time and money. I honestly think the reviews must be fake. I faffed about with the set I ordered from Amazon which had fantastic reviews but gave up and honestly don’t see how they would work. Back to adhesive lashes for me.

costacoffeecup · 16/12/2018 19:39

They're impossible to put on. Also gave up.

missfliss · 16/12/2018 19:47

I genuinely get on really well with them.

It took me a couple of goes but now find it really easy.

Mascara on first - this is a MUST. Without it they will slip off.

Then top lashes on, just gently resting on lashes.

Then bring bottom lash up (in a vertical motion rather then horizontal) and they snap into place when magnets meet.

I'm wearing ardell 001 accents here.

Silly George Lashes or other magnetic lash recommendations
CherryTangfastics · 25/12/2018 21:29

Thank you for your replies everyone. Sorry for the late reply, I abandoned this thread as I thought no one had replied. I think I'll give Silly George ones a miss and take a chance in the Ardells. Merry Christmas everyone!!

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