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Help me find an evening bag :)

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nocutsnobuttsnococonuts · 24/11/2018 23:07

Please can you help me find an evening bag. I'm on a v tight budget, got a dress and cardigan from charity shop but had no luck so far with a bag.

Can't seem to upload pictures but it's a black bodycon dress and silver glittery cardigan. I will be wearing silver glitter converse.

I was thinking a sparkly bag - either across the body or shoulder bag. Not clutch (I will leave it somewhere!) Or chain straps due to nickel intolerance (red lumpy rash is not the look I'm going for!) Preferably under £15 can get to Primark, Tesco, Sainsbury's or order online :)

Thanks 😁

OP posts:
HollowTalk · 24/11/2018 23:16

Have you looked at the Top Shop sale? They have diamante bags there for about £20 ish.

SandAndSea · 24/11/2018 23:38

I found one on eBay for about a fiver. Worth a look.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 25/11/2018 00:42

Look in Primark- I got one a while ago, very pretty , heavily beaded/ sequinned on one side and a zip fasten plus wristlet .

Very nice .

tierraJ · 25/11/2018 10:19

Accessorize have 20% off until midnight Monday

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts · 25/11/2018 10:59

Thank you! Did look on accessorize and top shop but wasn't quite right. Have got a few on eBay watch list for a few pounds each. Don't know why I didn't think of looking there :)

Unsure whether to go for a coloured one or stick to black/silver glitter like my dress/cardi.

OP posts:
nocutsnobuttsnococonuts · 25/11/2018 11:00

Oh and heading to town on weds so will check out Primark then :)

OP posts:
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