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Christmas party - Dress code crisis

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ToAllAGoodNight · 22/11/2018 22:36

Please help! My Christmas party is next week and I cannot find a single thing to buy! The dress code is “classy and sassy” whatever that means... It’s in a fancy basement bar in a city centre, not a sit down affair.
I’m 5ft, size 10 (or maybe a 12). I have wide shoulders and very short legs.
I did the classic mass-purchase at ASOS and didn’t like a single thing.
I’m only early twenties but I feel like I have no style and no clue what to wear on a day to day basis (but that’s a problem for a different day...), so a Christmas party with a dress code is my idea of hell!
Does anyone have any ideas? I’d be so grateful and happily spread Christmas cheer once I have something to wear!

OP posts:
LadyLapsang · 23/11/2018 00:23

I really wouldn't worry too much about the dress code, it will only be a couple of the organisers trying to make the event different. You are in your twenties and a size 10 - believe me, you will look great! Top of my head idea, you could try a jumpsuit. Just go to the shops and try things on. DS 's GF has some great dresses from Rixo London. They aren't cheap but they look good.

CountFosco · 23/11/2018 06:37

Bar in a city centre? Boots, opaques, miniskirt and t-shirt. But check how dressy your workmates are going to be, it'll be a more dressed up affair in Newcastle than London.

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