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Wearing black to a wedding

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Daisy2315 · 21/11/2018 13:36

I have been invited to a wedding around Christmas time.

Will it be ok to wear a black dress?

I am a size 18 at the moment which is bigger than I used to be so struggle with confidence with clothes.

I have read the plus size party dress thread so might also look at other dresses that aren’t black.

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mostlydrinkstea · 21/11/2018 13:43

I wear black to weddings but I'm the vicar. Black can look very funeral or very nightclub and neither are really appropriate for a wedding. You can accessorise with colour to lift a black dress out of funeral wear. If the wedding is in a church remember to wear a big coat. Churches can be very cold and guests turning blue is not a good look.

Daisy2315 · 21/11/2018 14:05

Thanks it is at a country house, the dress I am thinking of is black with gold spots on so not completely black.

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MirriVan · 21/11/2018 14:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnipSnipMrBurgess · 21/11/2018 14:47

I was at a wedding at the weekend and loads wore black. Accessoried with colour or silver, it looked fab.

I wore pants which is supposed to be a no but fuck it, I don't wear dresses and id presume the bride wanted me to be comfortable

RagingWhoreBag · 21/11/2018 14:47

I got married in the winter and loads of my guests wore black, dark silver, navy etc. Photos look a bit dull but at least I stood out Grin. I’d say it’s fine, but yeah, accessorise with a bit of colour, or more gold maybe, so that it’s not too funereal.

Daisy2315 · 21/11/2018 14:47

Thanks, I think I will look around at some other dresses to wear instead so I don’t have to worry about it.

OP posts:
Daisy2315 · 21/11/2018 14:50

Thanks snip and raging. The dress has gold circles on so I could accessorise with gold bag etc to brighten up.

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RetinolRedux · 21/11/2018 15:13

I would normally say it’s fine. But soon I’m going to a wedding where I know the bride lost her father in the last year. So that made me rethink it a bit. It’s going to be a difficult day in some respects for her, her mum, her grandparents, uncles, aunties etc.

SpiritedLondon · 21/11/2018 18:38

I can’t believe that this question keeps being raised. Times have changed.... no one needs to wear a god awful ( sorry vicar) pastel suit with matching hat. There was even some member of the Royal Household online addressing this very issue. Wear the black dress but keep any cleavage modestly covered until you get to the reception and don’t go overboard with the jewellery. Keep it chic

SpiritedLondon · 21/11/2018 18:45

Here’s Vogues take on the subject

Daisy2315 · 21/11/2018 19:43

Thanks for the link

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