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Dry skin round nose

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littlem133 · 18/11/2018 21:06

That's it really. I clean my face and moisturise. I've been told I've got combo oily and dry skin. It's usually fine but the skin around the base of my nose is permanently dry so when I put my foundation on it looks clumpy and dry. What can I do about it??

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AgathaRaisinDetra · 18/11/2018 21:09

Moisturise it.

littlem133 · 18/11/2018 21:47

I do. Lots

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BusterGonad · 19/11/2018 04:35

I get this, but not so much since investing in decent skincare. I usually cleanse with a creamy cleaner and wipe of with damp cotton wool, also I exfoliate every week or so.
Could your foundation also not be suited to your skin type? I try to stick with dewy ones and if I'm using a matter one I'll prime with a glowy primer rather than mattifying.

BusterGonad · 19/11/2018 04:37

Oh and my regime is Origins, all the products for dry skin/aging skin. Moisture is my no1 so I also use oils every few days!

moredoll · 19/11/2018 05:03

LRP Cicaplast

ParisNext · 19/11/2018 05:09

Children’s sudocreme on it at night- it’s white but soaks in. It was originally invented for burns and problem skin.

Vitalogy · 19/11/2018 05:57

I've used coconut oil for this. Put it on quite thick whilst indoors.

TeddyIsaHe · 19/11/2018 06:59

Use an acid once or twice a week. Seems like it shouldn’t work, but I have horrible red, dry, peely nose skin and makes my foundation look hideous. I use either the Ordinary lactic acid peel once or twice a week (I apply lots of moisturiser in the morning) or Nip and Fab glycolic serum 4/5 times a week. Made a huge difference!

libellule1 · 19/11/2018 09:09

This used to be me. Against all I thought I knew, I switched to products for dry or sensitive skin and stopped loading moisturiser on.
I currently use a light moisturiser in the day (olay day fluid sensitive), hydrating night creme (Neutrogena hydro), and use face wash and masks for dry skin (Una Brennan rose range). The difference has been massive and I don't get the odd spots I used to either.
Also avoid matte foundation, it just highlights the problem.
Hard to solve in winter with the heating on and runny noses etc I know. Stay hydrated.

littlem133 · 19/11/2018 19:20

You're right about staying hydrated. I do try but lapse massively at times! I put vasceline on this morning which helped but I'll try sudocream tonight.

Thanks for all the creams advice. I usually use Le Roche Poussey (sp?!) but had a bottle of simple to use up so am currently using that

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