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Fragrance for 12yo boy

8 replies

Destinesia · 15/11/2018 14:01

He has been borrowing his Dad's CK One, so I was going to get him something of his own for Christmas.

Can you suggest anything light/clean smelling that might be suitable for a 12 year old boy?

I was thinking of looking at the Zara ones but don't mind something branded either (NOT Joop)!

OP posts:
oohyoudevilyou · 15/11/2018 14:10

At 12 mine was happy with Lynx/Adidas/Beckham body sprays. At around 14 he liked Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister, moving on to Paul Smith.

loveandstuffing · 15/11/2018 14:18

I was coming on to say Zara!

ems137 · 15/11/2018 14:21

The beckham ones are quite nice actually. My 12 year old smelt some "Police" ones on holiday which were nice too

Candlelights2345 · 15/11/2018 21:55

There’s some good ones in next, you can get the bigger 100ml bottles for around bd £15 or a selection of 3 smaller for around £18 I think. My very discerning DS13 seems to like them.

SpeckledyHen · 15/11/2018 22:10

Paul Smith Extreme

makingmiracles · 15/11/2018 22:19

My teen boys really like intimately beckham, it’s under £10 on amazon at the moment

Bigonesmallone3 · 15/11/2018 22:34

My 9 year old has got a beckham his uncle bought for him and it's actually quite pleasant..

Fullfatlatte · 15/11/2018 22:35

My 12yr old son loves Code Red by Next (smells very similar to Armani code!). He also has one from Hollister but I can’t remember the name.

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