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I feel clueless

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jubbablub · 13/11/2018 22:34

I feel so clueless and upset. I had a c section 8 weeks ago and just feel lost. I was a pear shaped 10-12 with no boobs and a totally flat stomach. I never really had a “style”, but just wore what I knew would suit my shape.

None of my clothes suit me anymore or fit. I’m now a 12-14. I’ve got an overhang, stretch marks everywhere, super wonky boobs and massive love handles so I’m finding it so hard to find jumpers and tops that look nice. I bought a pair of the M&S jeggings today, but my love handle area looks massive. I think I need some long tops that skim over, but my arms have developed bingo wings and I can’t find tops that fit.

I feel like I’ve lost myself. Please help.

OP posts:
BedraggledBlitz · 13/11/2018 22:38

I'm the same and have moved from being a jeans person to wearing knit dresses/tunics with black tights or leggings and ankle boots.

I find not having a waistband pinching into me makes me feel less fat.

I dunno what happened to my arms. Suddenly they don't fit in half of my jumpers.

jubbablub · 13/11/2018 22:48

Could you share some links of things that have worked? I’m looking on ASOS and all of the models are thinner than I have ever been in my life. I can’t tell what they’ll look like. I might just order a couple of jersey dresses.

OP posts:
BedraggledBlitz · 13/11/2018 23:27

Something like this?

I feel like I still have a shape with waist but the bottom half is thicker so fit and flare stuff suits me.

Also I recommend going to colour me beautiful or similar and finding out which colours flatter you. It can really make a difference

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