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Winter coat advice

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CoatedInSnow · 12/11/2018 06:53

First impressions?

I live somewhere colder than most of the UK, can reckon on being under snow for most of January, Feb. Often around -10 to -15 at the end of Jan. We go skiing a lot and snow shoe walking, or just walking in the snow.

My trusty winter coat needs replacing and I can't actually get to a shop with any great choice. Choosing one over the internet is really difficult. I think I've narrowed it down to these two. One I could try in person, the other I'd have to order and pay for return if it doesn't fit.

I dislike velcro on coats, the one without the trim definitely has velcro, the one with the trim I can't tell from the info online.

I'm not sure about the pockets on the one with the trim. I'm much wider at the hips than at the top so this might accentuate it?

Winter coat advice
Winter coat advice
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