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Smart, warm, waterproof ankle boots for bigfoots (size 9/EU43)

19 replies

Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 13:19

I'm after the holy grail: warm, waterproof ankle boots that I can wear to work. In a size 9/EU43.

I've found any combination of the above, but nothing that has everything. Budget wise I don't want to spend more than £100.

I keep finding EU42 shoes masquerading as a size 9, which is endlessly frustrating. Clarks, my usual source of shoes, have absolutely nothing and I have taken them to task for this over email.

There are a couple of options on Amazon but they're over budget.

Anyone got any top tips before I hulk smash everything in a fit of pique?

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Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 13:20

I have tried so far:


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BobbinThreadbare123 · 11/11/2018 13:20


Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 18:07

Only up to a 42, unfortunately. But thanks anyway!

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WrongSideOfHistory · 11/11/2018 18:16

Hush puppies? They're my go-to for size 9s

WrongSideOfHistory · 11/11/2018 18:16

Or new look?

HRTpatch · 11/11/2018 18:18

Gabor ( via Charles Clinkard)
Long Tall Sally

Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 18:23

I hadn't checked Magnus - good call! Also good to see that the Hush Puppies website is back up - it'd been offline for ages.

The pair I liked on LTS has sold out Sad. I'm also looking at a pair of Sorel boots but they're not really workwear. I hadn't checked Gabor but I will now.

New Look's size 9s are pretty variable unfortunately - some fit and some don't, but I hadn't thought of looking there on this occasion. Will take a look!

Thanks all :)

OP posts:
Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 18:25

Bingo! Magnus have an amazing selection. Extremely grateful thanks to you, HRTpatch.

OP posts:
HRTpatch · 11/11/2018 18:31

My pleasure. I am a proper 9 and get so frustrated

BikeRunSki · 11/11/2018 18:34

I’m also a 9. Duo boots go up to a 43 (although they call this a 10).

Are you on the Facebook LTS group? I’m not that tall, but it’s useful for shoe duscussions.

ToftheB · 11/11/2018 18:44

Ecco go up to a 9, and they’re lovely quality and often properly goretex waterproof. You might need to wait until the sale to get them under £100 though. Or, if you find a style you like, they’re sometimes on amazon for cheaper.

Kernowgal · 11/11/2018 19:17

Those Ecco ones are exactly what I'm after, but the price is a bit ouchy. I will keep an eye on them in case they have any money off offers.

BikeRunSki I'm not, I'll take a look at that. Although not sure I need enabling where shoes are concerned...

OP posts:
Marmelised · 11/11/2018 20:15

Glad someone recommended Magnus. I had permanently sore feet and the podiatrist was recommending insoles, possibly even surgery until he mentioned in passing that I could try Magnus (or other shoe shops in Chiltern Street London). Since I realised that I needed to wear size 9 (rather than high street sizes 8 which I could just about get my feet into) life has been much more comfortable.

brimfullofasha · 12/11/2018 20:34

I got my 9 (43) boots from Next

Jostar2 · 27/11/2018 12:38

I found this discussion after ordering a lovely pair of size 9 Uggs on Black Friday only to find they are too small (to wear with socks anyway) and are an EU 42 :-(
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have currently resorted to looking at men's boots as I am after something fairly chunky... however for future reference I also came across:
Doc Martens (9=43 but I haven't tried them)
UGG (some go up to a 43/10)
Toms (9 = 42.5, 10=43.5 - I have some Toms shoes in size 9 which fit me)

None are cheap options but maybe worth looking out for in the sales. It amazes me how few shoe shops have realised we are out here Shock

OxanaVorontsova · 27/11/2018 18:30


Interviewee1001 · 27/11/2018 18:35

I got a pair of Joseph Siebal boots (well 2 pairs actually Blush) from Long Tall Sally a couple of months ago.... beautifully warm (fleece lined) and, I discovered today, waterproof too.

I feel your pain on the 9=42 in some places. It never used to and it just makes online shoe shopping a nightmare.

Kernowgal · 28/11/2018 22:09

Interviewee I ended up buying some Josef Seibels too! I don't think they're waterproof but they are fleece lined and they are really warm and comfy. They are a true size 9/EU43 and not too wide (my feet are relatively narrow).

Jostar that's really useful, thank you. I'd seen Toms stuff but was put off by them seeming too small. I have a pair of Doc Martin ladies' boots (calf length) in a 9/43 and they are great, although a bit wide for me.

My next mission is to find running shoes that fit - just had to send back Asics size 9/43 because they're too small Hmm but I have an old pair of Brooks that fit OK.

OP posts:
Kernowgal · 28/11/2018 22:15

brimfullofasha I'd ruled out Next but have just taken another look - they have a huge range of 43s. Thanks for the nudge!

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