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These shoes - which ones?

14 replies

polyhymnia · 09/11/2018 16:25

I know Fitflops are like marmite on here and some will dismiss them all as fugly. But they're great for keeping my plantar fasciitis at bay and there's a vast choice now.
Want to take advantage of current sale and get some new casual everyday shoes. But should I go for these:

    or these, which are a variation:

    And then again in a different style there are these:

    Views/ votes, please!
OP posts:
GoldenHoops · 09/11/2018 18:15

No1 but all black, I don't like the white soles.

Ellapaella · 09/11/2018 21:52

I actually really like the first ones (number one) and I like the white soles.

Ellapaella · 09/11/2018 21:54

So I'd got for number 1 or 3. They'd look great with some ankle grazer jeans.

dontgobaconmyheart · 09/11/2018 21:59

Fair play to you OP , they aren't my thing as such but I 1000% agree with comfort over fashion if you have a foot problem; I have a bunion and frankly whatever is comfortable gets bought these days and that's that, i'd prefer it was cool but literally anythings better than suffering.

I'd go with the second pair if it were myself, and if I went for the first, definitely the black with the white sole, rather than all black.

Jack65 · 09/11/2018 22:03

Sorry but imo none of them are stylish.

polyhymnia · 09/11/2018 23:05

Thanks for comments. Just bumping for any more before I decide tomorrow.

OP posts:
CountFosco · 10/11/2018 07:25

I'd go for the first ones. Studs are hideous and I can't do metallic casual shoes after I saw someone describe them as 'cruise ship' shoes on here.

chalkyc2 · 11/11/2018 01:34

Might be too late but...

I prefer the boot versions of those styles - these aren't too bad and not that different really too superga boots

And I understand the need for comfort as I also have foot issues. I just bought these during a trip to Copenhagen and they are serious heaven for my feet. Not cheap mind and a risk....

chalkyc2 · 11/11/2018 01:36
polyhymnia · 16/11/2018 14:39

Have been meaning to say Chalky, I really liked your suggestions, specially the Kaya. Looked for them on the FF site straight away but annoyingly they were sold out in my size and have stayed that way. Haven’t been able to track them down anywhere else either.
So still dithering- better get a move on before Black Friday season passes!

OP posts:
Floisme · 16/11/2018 14:55

I like the first zip-up ones. Not keen on the second pair as I thought the zip plus studs were too much. I'm undecided about the third pair - I'm a bit of a fashion victim and I think the metallic moment has probably moved on for the time being, but I did like the Bronze.

I also liked the first boots that Chalky posted - the lace-up ones, although it sounds like they're sold out.

ShopoholicIn · 17/11/2018 10:14

I would go with the metallic third ones

polyhymnia · 21/11/2018 18:08

Just to say thank you to chalky, who suggested the FF Kaya suede ankle boots. My size popped up on the FF website after all, they've just arrived and I'm very pleased with them.
Still dithering over whether to go for metallic ones as well in Black Friday event. I have a weakness for silver, but am also wondering if the metallic trend, having had a long run, is losing/ has lost its style credentials. Doesn't help that I too saw that description of metallics as 'cruise shoes'! Or are they simply a 'neutral' or a 'classic', as we're told animal print? (And that's having yet another 'fashion moment' as well!)

OP posts:
polyhymnia · 21/11/2018 18:10

Should be an 'is' after that 'animal print'.

OP posts:
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