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Is it too much of a gamble to wait for Toast sale

18 replies

Rainatnight · 09/11/2018 14:22

DP wants a particular Toast jumper for Christmas. It's very spendy. Is it too much of a gamble to wait for a sale? They do have them pretty regularly.

Or is it too optimistic to think there might be a discount code floating around?

(DP is a woman, in case anyone's wondering if they're doing a men's line!)

OP posts:
QuaterMiss · 09/11/2018 14:24

What will you mind most - not getting it or paying too much?

Niminy · 09/11/2018 14:32

Their sales are great but not everything goes into them. I've quite often found that the things I really covet never go on sale. OTOH I've kicked myself a couple of times for buying at full price only to see it slashed in price a few months later.

Pandsbear · 09/11/2018 14:33

If you sign up as a new customer ie new email you may get a discount code. I did when I had to change my email address for everything recently.

Rainatnight · 09/11/2018 15:08

Well, Quater's post really put the fear of God in me, so I went online and it was sold out in her size Shock

So I rang customer services and they v helpfully found a store that had it in stock, who are just about to call me about buying it over the phone.

Full price but think I've had a lucky escape!

OP posts:
MoltonSilver · 09/11/2018 15:15

Buy it now and return it if it comes back in stock and on sale.

QuaterMiss · 09/11/2018 15:16


Happy to be of service!

ImYourWomanJonSnow · 09/11/2018 19:56

Have you paid already OP? I have an offer that came with their most recent catalogue for 20% off. I can send it to you if you want it.

Rainatnight · 09/11/2018 20:28

That's so kind if you, thanks, Imyourwoman. Sadly paid already but thanks!

OP posts:
cardoon · 09/11/2018 20:43

Is it a personal offer of 20%off Jon?

ImYourWomanJonSnow · 10/11/2018 08:46

Cardoon I think it was offered to all catalogue subscribers. I know a friend received it too.

Rain happy for you that you scored your gift.

cardoon · 10/11/2018 15:40

Does that folded newspaper thing constitute a catalogue? - I think I recycled mine Hmm

StellaRockafella · 10/11/2018 16:49

I recycled my catalogue/folded newspaper thingy too. Anyone got the code?!

Greywhippet · 11/11/2018 00:04

Ooh which jumper was it? I had a moment of madness with a fairisle one this week that I had been covering and when I looked it was sold out in all sizes except mine so I panicked and bought it but could not even remotely afford it. It is absolutely lovely though!!Blush

Rainatnight · 11/11/2018 06:53
OP posts:
Greywhippet · 11/11/2018 08:54

That’s the one! It’s so soft! I was planning on waiting for the sales/to be rich but had a panic when it started selling out! I’m arguing to myself that it is a total classic and will last foreve

Rainatnight · 11/11/2018 09:48

Oh hurrah, glad it's good in the flesh. It will last forever; in our house it's just a question of keeping the bloody moths at bay!

OP posts:
Nanasueathome · 11/11/2018 09:52

My Toast basket currently stands at £459
I am holding out
Maybe offers next weekend for Black Friday

Nanasueathome · 28/11/2018 11:41

Yay...toast have a sale

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