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Fibroblast skin tightening

4 replies

dancingdirty · 01/11/2018 23:48

Hi all
Has anyone had this done?
I have booked an appointment now getting nervous!!

OP posts:
dancingdirty · 02/11/2018 08:01

Bump for the morning crowd

OP posts:
princesstiasmum · 04/11/2018 11:22

I have read good and bad reports about this, sometimes apparently it can leave burn scars, and discolouration,especially around eyes
Have a look on youtube, there are some videos

lulla12345 · 04/11/2018 17:00

I’ve had this done on my belly button and surrounding area. It burns and is quite painful when it’s being done. First day is painful and I took nurofen and paracetamol. Then it scabs over, healed completely within 3 weeks. It has tightened the area, however it isn’t a drastic change. More subtle. I only had the one treatment.

princesstiasmum · 13/11/2018 01:17

Dancing.did you get the fibroblast done and are you.pleased with the result

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