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Budget eye cream recommendations

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Niceforwhat · 30/10/2018 20:29

I have tried the vitamin c and naturals range from Superdrug but they make my eyes really watery and when I wake up they have been a bit gunky.
Just looking to address the signs of aging before they get too bad (currently just smile lines Wink)
Can’t afford to spend a lot but need something that I don’t dread putting on

OP posts:
ScoobyCan · 30/10/2018 21:18

Vaseline.... works wonders for me!

ShirleyPhallus · 30/10/2018 21:20


frogface69 · 30/10/2018 21:24

I use the one from Avon. two types in a little pot. One for under and one for over the eye. It's often on offer.

bonzo77 · 30/10/2018 21:24

I swear by L’Oreal revitalift. Not super cheap but very often on offer at boots or Superdrug. White box, white tin with red lid. Used it for years and love it. Rich enough to feel nice, not heavy and no silicone to pill into gross bits on your skin.

Corcra · 30/10/2018 21:25

I use this la roche posay toleraine eye cream. It’s light yet moisturising.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 30/10/2018 22:55

Optimum Range from Superdrug. The tube has a metal applicator so it feels really cool and smooth.

Niceforwhat · 31/10/2018 11:57

Thank you Flowers

OP posts:
FloofyDoof · 31/10/2018 12:41

I like the Garden of Wisdom eye contour serum from Victoria Health. It's nice and light, sinks in nicely, is moisturising without feeling heavy or filmy, and I think it has made a bit of difference with my dark circles in the 6 weeks or so I've been using it (I'm very pale so they are quite noticeable), it's £18 but that's 30ml. I still have over half a bottle left after 6 weeks of using daily.

derekthe1adyhamster · 31/10/2018 12:50

Aldi do a lovely gel one

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