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Work tops help please?

12 replies

maggiso · 30/10/2018 13:45

I am struggling to find tops that are tidy enough for work, but that don’t need ironing, and wonder if any one can help?
Usually I wear dresses, with a jacket for meetings, but I want to get away from dresses all the time. I have a black and white checked kilt, and black slim trousers and a black knit jacket but can’t find suitable tops for either. We have a strict dress code so whatever I wear must be easily washed, no dangly flappy bits ( scarves, jewellery etc) and sleeves must be above the elbow - but as I frequently have to dash outside to another building I prefer longer sleeves that can be tidily pushed up! The simplest solution would be a classic crisp white shirt but I hate ironing so rarely use the one I already have. It’s also difficult to get properly opaque white tops.A simple 3/4 sleeve scoop or v neck T shirt ( the shape I prefer as I am top heavy) might not be tidy enough. I also don’t like polyester as I am constantly rushing about.
I have a couple of Boden ravellos, but they are not warm enough for winter ( and getting a bit worn out).
Any ideas or know where I can buy smart simple tops with simple sleeves?

OP posts:
HeyMacWey · 30/10/2018 13:49

What about some ultra thin merino jumpers.
Uniqlo do some I think.

BeauxHeaux · 30/10/2018 13:56

I iron no work clothes since I got the Dri Buddi clothes dryer last year. Changed my life! Probably not much use to you but just in case!

Stilllookingfor · 30/10/2018 14:50

3/4 sleeve tops from Hobbs - the ones made mainly of viscose worked better than synthetic or cotton which is a natural fabric so more breathable. Viscose is so underrated. It washes well and it is a natural and cheap fabric. These tops need some minimal ironing but only minimal compared to a shirt. Choose different colours and combine with black trousers and different jackets and shawls. I got like 4 or 5 in the sale and I am sorted for the foreseeable future.
If you want to splash, the tops from Armani are great.... short or 3/4 sleeve but very expensive unless you catch them in the sale.

maggiso · 30/10/2018 15:44

Thanks Hey, Beaux, and stillsmoking. I will look at Hobs and unique. The dri Buddi sounds interesting- I mostly dry in the warm boiler cupboard. I agree viscose is good

OP posts:
BambooWhoosh · 30/10/2018 15:58

I agree with pp re Hobbs and viscose. I've got this viscose top and can get away with not ironing it. It also has a second layer of the same fabric under the top half of the front iyswim.

BambooWhoosh · 30/10/2018 16:01

The Hobbs Aimee top comes in several colours and is also available at JL.

Cherries101 · 30/10/2018 16:03

I wear knits mostly, that I could then throw a jacket over.

OxanaVorontsova · 30/10/2018 17:06

I really rate warehouse for work tops

maggiso · 30/10/2018 19:51

Thank you Bamboo, I have ordered a patterned Aimee top, and will look at Hobbs next time i’m In town. Thank you Cherries and Oxana, I will look at Warehouse and lightweight knits. Originally I bought the kilt in a different colour way ( jade black and pink plaid with a pink top) but had to take it back ( it was faulty) and could only change it for the black and white check, so I guess I need an opaque white top- as black would be a bit stark on my colouring.

OP posts:
Fakingit36 · 31/10/2018 05:00

I could have written your post! And weirdly I ended up getting the same Hobbs top in a store yesterday ! Over from the USA and did some shopping. Yay, no one in my office will have the same one ;)

ShellsBells76 · 31/10/2018 05:40

I haven't been in Dorothy Perkins in years but something caught my eye in the window so in I went and I picked up some great work bits, the shirts don't need ironing at all and some lovely thin wool jumpers plus the cigarette trousers fit lovely....I was very impressed.

CrazySheepLady · 31/10/2018 13:54

I recently sold a couple of Colebrooke by Windsmoor tops that sound just what you're after. They were plain, v-neck, stretchy, 3/4 sleeves and never needed ironing. They were called t-shirts but the fabric was so much more. Maybe a quick Google or check on eBay to see if you can find any.

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