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Make-up box for a newbie

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piedpiper4 · 29/10/2018 18:16

My dd(14) has just started getting interested in make up and I'd like some recommendations/suggestions for some starter make-up for her please. I'm a non-make-up wearer myself so I literally have no idea where to start!

My dd has oily skin, with acne and spends a lot of time outside. At the moment she only wears mascara.

Thanks for your help.

OP posts:
Bubblysqueak · 29/10/2018 18:17

I've recently started getting into make up and has found beauty and the boutique website really helpful.

Deathraystare · 31/10/2018 11:04

You could take her to a counter and get info there from an assistant (try not to be pressurised!) or Go to Boots or Superdrug look at MUA/CYO/Maybelline etc. Cannot really suggest without seeing her. It may be as well to have a BB/tinted moisturiser for combination/oily skin rather than a foundation as a foundation may be too heavy.

There are loads of eye make up palettes to choose from and blusher ones as well.

I think it is best to go down the assistant route. Debenhams have some more of the funkier make up like Urban Decay, Kat Von D. There is also Make up forever and Smashbox and of course, the wonderful Benefit.

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