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Make up marks on coat collars

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Ifonlyiweretaller · 28/10/2018 22:38

When wearing certain jackets in the cold and fastening them higher around my face, my foundation transfers onto the collars. However clean the collar is when I go out, it ends up covered in make-up! Does anyone have any solutions?

OP posts:
MoltonSilver · 28/10/2018 22:41

I wear a scarf all winter for exactly that reason.

OrigamiZoo · 28/10/2018 22:42

A washable scarf? Or one of those fleece neckwarmers off ebay with a toggle then you can throw either in the wash.

MrBull · 28/10/2018 22:43

Some foundations aren't as bad for it, but I think all of them can be subject to some transfer, no matter what they claim in their marketing! I use Estée Lauder double wear and it's not too bad for this compared to cheaper foundations I've used in the past.

You get make up setting sprays which may be worth a try? NYX do some affordable ones.

OrigamiZoo · 28/10/2018 22:43
WCooper · 29/10/2018 07:11

Try using baby wipes as they usually work well without leaving a patch mark on blouse's and coats.

Ifonlyiweretaller · 29/10/2018 09:02

Some great suggestions here - thank you all. Although I do wear scarves they tend not to sit as high on my neck as some of my more 'stand up' collars which nearly come up to my chin, hence it can still be a problem. I've just ordered a couple of those snood things - thanks for the link!

As for setting sprays - I always wondered what their purpose was, and now I know! I'm definitely going to try that.And I hadnt thought of baby wipes - so much easier than soaping the collar then running under a tap, as it thne takes ages to dry!

You really can't beat mumsnet for solving problems Grin

OP posts:
Isleepinahedgefund · 29/10/2018 11:10

Yep baby wipes and setting spray, and if you do wash it, use bio. Also a scarf.

Best setting sprays are the urban decay ones (I find the anti pollution one hands down the best of them all).

Also the transfer-proofness of your foundation makes a difference, for instance I love the finish of the hourglass stick one but no matter what I do it seems to jump off my face onto anything within 50 yards!

Openup41 · 29/10/2018 12:28

This reply has been deleted

Withdrawn at poster's request.

Openup41 · 29/10/2018 12:30

This reply has been deleted

Withdrawn at poster's request.

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