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Big boots

3 replies

Dowdydoes · 28/10/2018 22:20

So I think I might get these for my birthday next month but I am worried I will look like a dude in a period drama - some minor leagues military fellow.


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OrigamiZoo · 28/10/2018 22:39

Well now you've said, perhaps but if you love them go for it. A lot of money to spend with doubts.

Screamqueenz · 28/10/2018 22:50

They are gorgeous, but dune do similar for half the price

Dowdydoes · 28/10/2018 23:20

Oh I do love them but know I am fickle! Don’t want them to be like the boy friend you look at one day and go WTF!

I did go to Dube but somehow they weren’t right. Maybe I should look again

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