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Hair consultation tomorrow please help

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longnight · 28/10/2018 14:19

The bare bones is I've tried my hair badly, I wanted to go a pale lilac and due to having darkish brown hair used a strong blonde kit. It was a d++++. My hair came out like straw after panicking a friend got an oilia in ruby red and stuck it on saying the oils would help it really really didn't.
I'm now left with horrible dry hair that matts up during the night and breaks during the day and I hate the colour so so much. I have had my hair coloured all different colours in the past but this is so horrible I'm embarrassed and it has knocked my confidence.
I have an appointment tomorrow with a hairdresser who was so nice to me when I broke down in the salon and explained what's happened. My hair is a couple of inches past my shoulders and in an idea world I don't want to lose to much length but I'm trying to accept I may have to.
He said a treatment called ominex I think it was but should I ask him about changing the colour too?
I haven't used a hairdresser since I was a teenager after 3 bad times with 1 think bubble perm instead of loose curls then a bowl cut for a bob and then short back and sides when I asked for a pixie type hair cut. I don't know really know what I should expect and what I can ask for any advice would be appreciated.

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