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Hush sizing?

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hooveringhamabeads · 25/10/2018 21:08

I’ve never owned anything from hush before, but just ordered a dress. I’m usually a size 10 so that’s what I’ve gone for. I also have my eye on some jeans but reading the reviews, it seems like a lot of people are saying that hush sizing is generally very big? Any experienced wearers of Hush clothing care to give their opinion?

OP posts:
Liveinthepresent · 26/10/2018 00:08

Calling all can never have too many coats..Winter 18

There is a whole Hush fan club on here who can advise !

moredoll · 26/10/2018 04:01

Yes, I think Hush sizing is big, so big I wondered if it was American. It's not two sizes bigger, more like one. I do like Hush jeans though.

Yonijust · 26/10/2018 04:08

I find the tops bigger. The trousers have been short. Im not overly tall. 5ft 7.

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