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Is there nothing nice at Whistles right now?

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Growingboys · 23/10/2018 19:42

I have a voucher for Whistles so took myself off there after work tonight, with the voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

For a start the two women didn't look up and say hello, despite me looking over at them in (increasingly crazed) attempt to greet them. Empty shop, but the two of them stared down at the counter they were standing behind - very odd!

Anyway, minor matter, off I went round the rails desperate to find something - anything - to buy. I need new everything this season so wasn't being fussy.

But there's nothing nice there at all! All weird floral stuff that looks very mumsy, gloomy berry colours, and literally nothing that caught my eye.

I want to spend my voucher so will look online later, but does anyone have anything they love/want from Whistles current stock?

Help me spend some money!

OP posts:
emma6776 · 23/10/2018 21:48

I don’t think you can use the vouchers online. Last time I got one I had to get them to order in what I wanted and pay instore using the voucher. Was a right pain. Which Whistles store was it? The one at the Canary Wharf station has super rude staff.

XXcstatic · 23/10/2018 21:57

They are obsessed with:

  1. bodycon dresses - 3+ years after they went out of fashion

  2. skirts that end just above the knee and so flatter no one over 25 (shorter is fine, but not many people want to draw the eye right to their knees)

  3. dry-clean only

    I used to have a real Whistles habit, but I have only bought one thing there this year. So, sorry OP - can't help 
WTFsMyUserName · 23/10/2018 22:14

Have you seen their pleated satin skirts? I've bought a few in different colours as they're the only midi skirts that suit me and I get lots of wear out of them. They can be worn casually with big jumpers or t shirts and trainers or smartened up for the evening or formal.

Growingboys · 23/10/2018 22:47

Thanks all. It was the Parsons Green store.

Annoyingly pleated skirts don't suit me. I like them but have no waist so I look like a tree trunk.

Agree with the points of where they're going wrong. It's a shame as a few years ago I loved their stuff.

OP posts:
mariniere · 23/10/2018 23:40

I agree they’ve lost their way. 6-7 years ago I was always in there and everything was great. Their stuff comes on my feed; all he models are so tall and straight and all the clothes oversized to fit people of that shape. I actually think the body con dresses are fine as I don’t see them as a fashion item and they are one of the few things they sell that looks ok for office wear.

Judystilldreamsofhorses · 24/10/2018 00:07

Do you like jeans? I love the barrel leg jeans, and have them in three colourways. I’m a size 10, 5ft 6, and they are super-flattering on me.

BeautifulComicalThings · 24/10/2018 00:29

LOVE this jumpsuit if that's your kind of thing, or this one

This jumper dress looks lovely for autumn/winter

This navy dress is really nice if you have occasion to wear it

Also like the shirt dresses for work (comes in more colours/patterns than that one)

amandadecabernet · 24/10/2018 00:34

I used to love them but now I find it a festival of scratchy polyester. I sort of liked the sparkly pleated skirts but the prices are a bit shocking for what they are, and really I'm probably too late to jump on that wagon now. I thought some of the jewellery looked nice.

Floisme · 24/10/2018 07:47

I still like the jersey blazers
And I have a couple of the sparkly knits that are good for dressed down glamour.
And I bought some of their girlfriend jeans in a charity shop and they're good.

But for the most part I agree, they've lost the plot and the quality for the price is appalling. I'm wearing one of their jumpers today that I've had just over a year and it's the last thing I'll ever buy from them unless they wake up - looks so shabby I'm wondering whether to go and change. I've got an eight year old H&M jumper in better condition.

It's a shame cos they were one of my favourite shops not so long ago - they did that Sofia Coppola laid back cool thing really well.

championquartz · 24/10/2018 09:44

I quite like this jumper but unless it's a magic sort of mohair, it's going to be itchy. Comes in a pretty lilac too

But I agree with pps, it's just overpriced atm. Up itself.

Atalune · 24/10/2018 09:52

Their leather backpacks are lovely and their denim too.

MojoMoon · 24/10/2018 09:52

Jersey blazers, wash well, work with lots of things
The jeans are good (depends on body shape of course)
I have a few jersey dresses with sleeves from there which get heavy usage - not super exciting but v useful for work. But I find their website is the only way to buy stuff - the stores just have whatever there "on trend" of the season is, the website has the useful stuff

FlorenceLyons · 24/10/2018 11:09

I'd second their jersey blazers. I bought a maroon one this year and am wearing it lots. I also like their Lola dresses - not sure what colours they have at the moment, but I really like the shape of them.

Growingboys · 24/10/2018 20:49

Thanks all, glad I'm not the only one finding them a bit shit at the moment.

Will go to another store at the weekend and have another look - will look for some of those linked above.

Thank you!

OP posts:
averageisgood · 24/10/2018 21:14

Jeans are good, and I quite like their boots at the moment. The dresses are badly made imo, I have had one just tear apart near a shoulder seam, and not in a way that I could repair it either. Also buttons have to be re-inforced before wearing.

Elledorado · 24/10/2018 22:26

I love whistles tops/ blouses and the bodycon dresses (only buy in sale) BUT the last thing I bought, I returned for similar but nicer elsewhere. Also agree with the length thing, the last bodycon dress I bought was too short (just above knee).

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