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Is there any light more harsh than autumn sunshine?!!

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JMAngel1 · 22/10/2018 19:05

Got a shock in vanity mirror in car today - bright autumn sunshine showed up every oily pore and line - I looked dreadful. Also looked really hairy - my fine white down on cheeks and lip was glistening in the sun and my usual foundation power shade looked orange. Also my beloved matte liquid lip has to go - my lips parched dry and lined and caked! Utterly dreadful.
So tonight I'm shaving my face ( I do this but usually once a month - going to step it up to weekly) and ordering my foundation in one shade paler. Going to use my foundation mattifying setting spray again - I had thought I would only need it in summer but obviously not!
Also going to switch to a water lip tint from Etude House and look for a hydrating primer to fill in lines.
Anyine else finding the autumn light unforgiving - it's much more harsh than summer light, not sure why. It was a gorgeous day today but I just felt like putting a bag over my head!!

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PrimalLass · 22/10/2018 19:14

Yes. And my house looks extra filthy.

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 22/10/2018 19:34

Yeah. It’s shit, isn’t it? I looked like I’d been dug up this morning. I hardly knew where to start. So, I put on too much blush and then had to rub it off, in the car.

At least we’re all in the same boat.

Candlelights2345 · 22/10/2018 20:52

Yes, I had the misfortune of doing this. Saw some massive bristly hairs sticking out of my chin 🙈

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 23/10/2018 08:53

I’d say go lighter with a tinted moisturiser and powder. Light dusting only, though. I find the heavier my base the more unforgiving it is. I could do with a better light to get made up in because my face looks ok at home....till I get in the car.

XingMing · 23/10/2018 10:44

It's the angle of the light that is unflattering. Summer sun obscures the full awfulness of the detail. It was a rear-view mirror glimpse like yours that told me I really did look every one of my years!

championquartz · 23/10/2018 10:49

Do you not know the law? NEVER examine your face in a car mirror! It’s the law!! Sweet baby jeebus everyone looks horrific in a car mirror.Grin

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 23/10/2018 18:11

Champ, thank you so much! I had no idea it was illegal to use the car mirror. From now on, I will just stay away from it.

I’ve been having work done on the bathroom at my home recently. Having to do my face in a different room/light has been an eye opener.

JMAngel1 · 23/10/2018 19:50

Ha ha Champ - yes it will be my law from now on!
Today, I applied way less make up - looked okayish in the car - better than yesterday but washed out in normal mirrors - I can't win!!

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