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Another wedding one. Sorry. A cream cardie?

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Twork · 22/10/2018 15:56

I think hope as I've had enough of shopping now I'm wearing an emerald green dress with a little bit of cream to a wedding. I need to cover my arms though and this is short sleeved so would a cream cardie/shrug be OK?

I've no idea what the wedding party are wearing.

If not cream, what do you think might look nice?

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haverhill · 22/10/2018 16:00

I think a cream cardie is fine, it’s not like you’ll be wearing a veil.
At my SILs wedding a couple of women were in head to toe cream and no one batted an eyelid.

Polkasq · 22/10/2018 16:00

Sounds fine to me.

Twork · 22/10/2018 16:02

Oh darn. I'll send the lace veil back then. Sob. Smile

Thank you. I don't know the bride particularly well but I know some of the family guests are quite traditional.

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