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Can anyone recommend a tinted moisturiser/bb/cc cream

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IAmGrootGrootGroot · 21/10/2018 21:12

That will cover acne scars?
Or am I dreaming?

I have some slight scarring on my chin. I don't have time to be faffing around with full coverage foundation every morning.

My most recent staple has been bourjois 123 CC cream but it doesn't seem to be sitting on my skin well anymore.

Help please!

OP posts:
Cinnabunbun · 21/10/2018 21:14

I used to love the Mabeline dream fresh BB cream but can't find it anywhere now

VioletPickles · 21/10/2018 21:17

The Laura Mercia one. I swear by it.

IAmGrootGrootGroot · 21/10/2018 21:18

@VioletPickles ooh what's it called?
Does it have decent coverage?

OP posts:
CremeDeSudo · 21/10/2018 21:23

I was looking for this for ages but have ended up buying a cheaper foundation that I can slather on. I use MaxFactor Lasting Finish

Jayfee · 21/10/2018 21:59

I dot aldi concealer and then their bb foundation. Total cost for both around £6. Limited colours available.

Jayfee · 21/10/2018 22:00

The concealer is like eclat.

CutesyUserName · 22/10/2018 07:22

The best CC cream I've ever used, with great coverage, is from Aldi! I've tried a lot of popular brands, but the Aldi one beats them hands down.

DeadCertain · 22/10/2018 09:10

The Aldi one is great!

Angelcd · 22/10/2018 10:53

Mac bb prep and prime is my fave ,its £25 tho but it is the best ive used
Dont buy rimmel or gosh they dont cover that well x

IAmGrootGrootGroot · 22/10/2018 11:06

Hmm... I may have a look at the Aldi one. Never touched any of their stuff before.

I hate Rimmel products. GOSH used to do a good bb cream years ago but I don't think they do it any more, just their crappy cc cream.

My allll time favourite was Maxfactor CC cream that they did a few years back. It was incredible, so light but the coverage was amazing.
I was heartbroken when they discontinued it, I've never found anything like it since.

OP posts:
MorrisZapp · 22/10/2018 11:09

I don't understand BB and CC creams. Both go onto my skin like cement.

The only foundation I find truly light enough is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Even then I have to use heavy moisturiser first and sometimes add a drop of oil to the serum.

Tinted moisturiser isn't moisturiser. It's orange cement.

IAmGrootGrootGroot · 22/10/2018 11:12

I'm not a huge fan of Mac products. I have their studio fix foundation. It's awful. It sits on my skin and looks horribly cakey no matter how much I blend.
It's put me off wasting more money on Mac!

OP posts:
IAmGrootGrootGroot · 22/10/2018 11:13

@MorrisZapp yes! I'm yet to find a tinted moisturiser that doesn't seem to be bright orange!

OP posts:
ilovetosleep · 22/10/2018 13:05

I loved that Bourjois cc cream too but could never get it to last the whole day. I've discovered MAC waterweight foundation for good skin days and Chanel les beiges tinted moisturiser which is amazing but £££. Neither give as much coverage as the 123 cream but they just sit nicer and with concealer it's enough for me.

CutesyUserName · 22/10/2018 13:47

I found the Bourjois CC cream to be nowhere near as good as the Aldi one for coverage and longevity.

bumblebee39 · 22/10/2018 13:52

Rimmel or olay X

HLBug · 22/10/2018 14:01

The new Chanel CC cream has brilliant coverage - better than some of their foundations actually 

glasshouse · 22/10/2018 15:50

I like the Nivea one, good coverage and not too orange. Seems to last for me as well. Added bonus of being cheap.

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