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Sportswear for 65 year old?

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MarcieBluebell · 21/10/2018 03:20

I'm looking for my mum who does her classes and wants to update her dowdy sportswear.

She doesn't want tight leggings but needs something instead, plus a tshirt with sleeves and fleece. Any idea of shops or brand? She's a size 12 and I want to get her something trendy but it's hard! Thanks.

OP posts:
PrincessTwilightStoleMyToddler · 21/10/2018 03:39

Sweaty Betty is pricy but nice. They do good tops and really nice yoga pants/trousers etc as a change from tighter leggings. TBH I prefer yoga pants to leggings generally and they can be picked up for a fraction of the price of Sweaty Betty ones elsewhere - depends on your DM’s budget and how often she will use them as to whether the price tag is worth it.

If she’s bigger busted Bravissimo have a very nice range of sports tops.

florenceheadache · 21/10/2018 04:02

i like Landend activewear

MeanQueenHalloween · 21/10/2018 08:20

Decathlon sportswear is (ime) disproportionately good quality for the price.

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