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Help please re tights?

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amandadecamembert · 17/10/2018 14:04

The skirt/leggings combo has been my go-to in cool weather for ages. I loved that casual sloppiness and bit of ankle, and now it's dead. I'm trying to move on. :)

I have a pleated tartan midi skirt (green, navy, teal, white) which looks great worn with t-shirts and cardis. I want to wear it casually with flats, trainers, ankle boots. My legs aren't bad but socks and bare legs with a midi is not a good look on me.

Navy or nude fishnets maybe? Or talk to me about denier and colour? Are navy tights old-ladyish? I'm 50, 5'8", size 14.

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amandadecamembert · 17/10/2018 20:47


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IMissGin · 17/10/2018 20:49

Try snag website fab tights and I’m sure they do navy

RoxanneMonke · 17/10/2018 20:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fullfatlatte · 17/10/2018 21:21

I’d go navy too. I get all my tights from Primark, cheap & wash well 😀

SergeantPfeffer · 17/10/2018 21:49

I’d go nude, much easier to match up. Navy tights on me would look ageing rather than quirky/fashionable. I guess it depends on your look! I also like primary tights, they don’t last very long but neither do expensive tights!

amandadecamembert · 17/10/2018 21:50

So reassuring that I can stick with opaques. If I could get away with it I'd never take off my 150 deniers from John Lewis.

What about with white trainers though?

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Cherries101 · 17/10/2018 21:52

Black opaques look good with everything

amandadecamembert · 17/10/2018 21:54

SergeantPfeffer nude as in sheer nude tights? With ankle boots or trainers? The last time I wore a pair was possibly to a wedding. I can't see it, not for myself anyway. I did have a sort of khaki pair of fishnets that I wore instead of sheers that made my legs look amazing in the 90s.

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SergeantPfeffer · 17/10/2018 22:16

No, I meant with flats or trainers. Go with what suits you! I used to love my fishnets but they just don’t work for me anymore, maybe because I remember my younger self in them. I do love them though. If opaques and a midi look good on you then go for it!

amandadecamembert · 17/10/2018 23:48

SergeantPfeffer yy this is part of the problem isn't it, if something reminds you too much of your youth (eg Working Girl tights and trainers) it just feels wrong. I can just about wear monkey boots under some conditions but tbh anything too DM-like makes me feel like a teenage goth again.
I'll try on the fishnets I guess, and if there's any whiff of Cabaret/Ann Summers about it I'll have to start again.

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