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The Ordinary- what will I add to what I have

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bitofabelly · 14/10/2018 07:54

Morning all,
New to The Ordinary.
I have the Rose Hip Oil, Buffet and The Natural Moisturising Factors + HA.

What can I add to this regime? Confused about acids etc.
I have tried Nip and Fab daily wipes before and they give me bad breakouts.

What else could I try to enhance?


OP posts:
kaldefotter · 14/10/2018 08:41

Depends what your skin’s needs are. What are you trying to tackle? Is your skin blemished, dehydrated, dry, easily-creased, oily etc?

The Ordinary is fab, because it allows you to build up your own prescription of products to suit your skin, but it means you need to know what you’re tackling / trying to achieve.

Or be like me. I buy everything then give half of it to my mum, whose skin is different to mine.

mikado1 · 14/10/2018 08:43

I thought they were finishing up...

kaldefotter · 14/10/2018 08:46

Here is a guide from the Ordinary website.

There is even more extensive regimen guidance out there on various blogs, but this is a good place to start.

JeffJarrett · 14/10/2018 08:48

You'll have to be quick, I think the owner has had some kind of breakdown, it's been coming for a while..
hyaluronic acid, the moisturising factors, buffet, Vit C in silicone and reservatrol are all really good.

kaldefotter · 14/10/2018 08:49

Yeah, the CEO of Deciem really needs some psychological help. It’s been alarming to see his mania out there. He said he was closing everything under the Deciem umbrella, and I think L’Oreal (a minority shareholder) have moved to try to get him removed. I have stockpiled, just in case.

bitofabelly · 14/10/2018 08:50

Thanks all. I have fine lines on forehead..would be nice to try and reduce those..I guess I want more life in my skin..a healthy glow...and something that would smoothen my skin and take dead surface cells off. Hope I'm explaining myself properly

OP posts:
bitofabelly · 14/10/2018 08:56

Ps I'm 42

OP posts:
kaldefotter · 14/10/2018 09:00

Lactic acid (start with 5%) applied at night will get rid of dead skin. To me, it smells a little curryish, and it stings for a few seconds on applying, but I wake up with baby soft skin. If your skin is very sensitive, I think the mandolin acid is gentler than lactic.

Use hyaluronic acid every day under your moisturiser to plump up your skin. That may well be enough to reduce your fine lines. And keep up with the oil every night.

kaldefotter · 14/10/2018 09:00


Rememory · 14/10/2018 09:06

I read that Brandon has been ousted and the shops are all open again. There's a good FB page if you need guidance

HenryInTheTunnel · 14/10/2018 09:09

They'd be mad to close this brand, it must be a gold mine. But Brandon is not well at all.

JeffJarrett · 14/10/2018 15:51

@Rememory that's good to hear. I really hope he's getting the help he needs. He seems to have a good heart but needs people close to him to do some sort of intervention.

They are very good products at an incredible price, I'd be very sad to see the end of The Ordinary.

Lotsofsausage · 14/10/2018 18:13

I find the retinol and the rose oil very good for plumping too.

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